Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Tire Review May 2024

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As a car safety freak, I have always stressed on the importance of good-quality tires that come with adequate safety and performance features.

Having tested dozens of different tire brands, Cooper is one of the few that has always surpassed my expectations every time I rigged a new set of their tires for testing.

So for all of you that are looking for a premium set of touring tires, the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Tire is definitely one you should consider buying.

It is currently one of the best in the market and is also being hailed as the brand’s premium tire in the touring category.

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CS5 Ultra Touring Review May 2024: Why should you buy this product?

cooper cs5 reviewThe advantage touring tires have over high-performance tires is that they are far more likely to perform better in wet conditions while having almost all the qualities of high-performance tires.

After testing out the Cooper CS5 Ultra for nearly three weeks, here are a few things that I was really impressed by:

Excellent Durability and Treadwear

The treadwear is one of the most crucial aspects of a tire that we need to look at before going ahead with the purchase.

The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring is aimed at those of you that are looking for a durable and dependable tire that can easily last 80,000 miles without the need for replacement. This is significantly higher than a lot of its competitors in the same price range.

This tire is especially recommended if you own a high-performance car such as one with a V6 engine. It has a significantly higher speed rating, which means that these things are built to provide a higher tread life, the higher the average speeds are!

Additionally, these tires come with Wear SquarTM visual wear indicator which allows you to approximate the tread life available on your tires.

Impressive Dry Traction and Grip

This didn’t come as a surprise to me, given the amount of Cooper’s touring tires I’ve tested throughout my life. They are absolutely fabulous when it comes to dry traction.

The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Tire is among the best when it comes to dry traction, and if you plan on doing a lot of high-speed riding in soaring temperatures, these are the perfect tires to choose.

The high-traction also means these tires respond exceptionally well to brake-inputs. Even if you’re driving a high-speed sedan with a powerful engine, the braking distances are likely to be extremely short. That’s a huge plus when it comes to safety!

These tires come equipped with the New Generation Coupled Silica Compound by Cooper, which significantly enhances all-season performance, reduces the heat generated, and improves braking.

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Excellent Wet Traction

cooper tire reviews cs5If you happen to live in a place with a rainy climate, you’re going to love these set of tires.

The tread design on the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Tires is exceptionally prominent, which means they offer excellent grip on a wet surface. In fact, I’ll even go on to say these tires provide the best wet traction in this price category.

These tires also come equipped with the StabilEdge technology which ensures consistent and responsive steering, on top of providing added control at increased speeds.

However, the feature that contributes the most towards the increased wet surface stability is the 3D Micro-Gauge Grooves. This new technology stabilizes the tread by allowing the tread elements to interlock. This leads to the maximization of the tread contact with the road surface, allowing for superior handling in wet and light snowy conditions.

Great Comfort and Noise

Touring tires usually perform exceptionally well in this category, but the Cooper GS5 takes it a step further. The tread design on these tires has been crafted with quietness and comfort in mind.

Even when I tested these tires on a low-end vehicle, I was surprised at how quiet and stable the entire ride felt. They manage to even out a lot of pretty nasty bumps on the road and is undoubtedly among the most comfortable touring tires in the market at the moment.

The impressive tread design, combined with advanced material used to craft these tires ensures you have a smooth, noise-free ride!

What Could Have Been Better?

Low performance in heavy snow

While these tires perform extremely well in both wet and dry conditions, it falls short of expectations when it comes to riding in above-average levels of snow.

While it’s understandable that these are not really meant to be driven in heavy snow, I’ve noticed plenty of other tire manufacturers putting more effort towards improving drivability in snow. I recommend you to avoid using these tires in situations of heavy snow.

Unimpressive Aesthetics

Most people don’t really pay much attention to this aspect; however, for the ones who are looking for a beautiful set of tires, these probably aren’t the best choice.


  • Outstanding traction on both wet and dry surfaces
  • High tread warranty of 60,000 miles on H and V-Speed rated models, and 50,000 miles on W-Speed rating tires
  • Priced at an affordable rate and offers good value for money
  • Limited noise


  • The aesthetics could have been better
  • Below par performance in snowy conditions

Final Verdict

If you happen to drive a coupe or a sedan or even crossovers and SUVs, the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Tires are an excellent choice for a smooth and safe experience.

These all-season touring tires are more than enough for most mid-range commuter cars, and coming at an affordable price, it makes more sense to buy these than spending a fortune on high-performance tires.

Overall, a highly recommended product for those looking for an affordable set of tires that come packed with all necessary safety features!

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