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Tires are often the most overlooked, most underrated components of an automobile.

Given that your tires are all that keep your car in contact with the road, and that the contact patch (the area of a tire that’s in contact at any given point) is usually no bigger than a sheet of A4 paper, it’s crucial to get the right tire.

We know that buying poor quality tires can have serious financial and, more importantly, health and safety implications, which is why we’re featuring Primewell’s SPORT 910 series of tires, because irrespective of which tire you buy from this range, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product.

So, without further ado, let us tell you all about them.

Primewell Review May 2024: What makes Primewell Tires so great?

Rigid Shoulder Blocks

Have you ever seen a car chase in a classic film from the 60s or the 70s? Something like Bullitt or an early Bond movie? Well, if you get the chance to re-watch it, notice how much the tires flex during cornering.

Tire flex is undesirable not only in high-speed situations but even in normal driving conditions. Besides, should you desire to take your car to the track, tire flex becomes dangerous and a threat to your safety.

Primewell is well aware of the dangers of tire flex, therefore, it ensures that all its tires in the SPORT 910 range feature rigid shoulder blocks. This prevents the sidewall of the tire from flexing, deforming and losing shape under high g-force cornering applications.

Too much argot? The upshot is these rigid blocks ensure better cornering performance without sacrificing comfort. Win-win!

Asymmetrical Tread Pattern

We know what you’re thinking: wouldn’t a symmetrical design have been better? Do the people at Primewell need a better pair of glasses? Of course not! These tires are asymmetrical on purpose.

We hear you ask, what’s the benefit of that? Well, if you ever observe a bunch of regular symmetrical tires, you’ll notice that they have different tread patterns from each other, each one exhibiting different characteristics, trading off one thing for another.

Well, an asymmetrical tire minimizes trade-offs by combining two different tread patterns to give you the best of both worlds. So, an asymmetrical tire might have, say, a dry-weather tread on the inside but a wet-weather tread on the outside, providing superior grip on both dry and wet surfaces.

Silica Compound

One of the most important factors that determine whether your car handles like it’s on rails or not is the compound it’s made from. The tire industry as a whole has been hard at work at developing new, stickier compounds, and Primewell is no exception.

It is pertinent to point out just how important the compound is because most manufacturers keep the exact blend a closely-guarded secret, and it’s very hard to determine the exact mixture by a third-party after the tire is manufactured.

Their new silica compound appears to be the result of sorcery and witchcraft. Why? Because, generally, while making a tire, you have to balance grip with rolling resistance. More grip equals more rolling resistance which equals less fuel efficiency, and vice-versa.

However, Primewell’s silica compound bends this rule by allowing for less rolling resistance and more grip at the same time. Again, win-win!

Tread and pitch design

Of course, Primewell knows that their SPORT range tires will be used not only for spirited driving but for everyday driving as well.

That’s why Primewell’s new variable pitch design helps with NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) levels and gives you a smoother, more comfortable and less noisy ride. Along with that, the tire features deep longitudinal grooves, and their purpose is to displace water from the road surface as effectively as possible, giving you greater grip and control in the rain.

We hope you’re convinced by now about the superiority of Primewell tires. They come in a variety of sizes, from 195/45R15 (195 is the width in millimeters, 45 is the tread depth expressed as a percentage of the width, R stands for radial construction and 15 signifies that it’s made for a 15-inch tire) to 245/40ZR18.

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Which other popular ranges does Primewell have?


If the SPORT 910 range is too performance-oriented for you, maybe you’ll like the PS870 more.

It emphasizes all the aspects that the SPORT 910 keeps on the backburner, such as a symmetrical design, which means that the tire is cheaper to produce but also does not provide some of the benefits of other tread patterns.

As per Primewell themselves, the PS870 is, for all intents and purposes, a standard performance tire that is the quintessential tire.

Why should you buy this? Simple: not every application requires a high-performance ultra-grippy tire… think about an underpowered mini-car, does it really need an expensive tire? No!

That’s where the PS870 steps in; it’s a low-cost alternative to the sportier choices.


Most parts of the world do not have uniform climate, which is why all-season tires enjoy high demand, especially in the United States, Canada and Scandinavian countries.

Primewell’s all-season tire range emphasizes safety over everything else and seeks to prevent your car from going careening down the road. It features hydroplaning resistance and supreme water evacuation properties.


The elder brother of the PS870, the PS880 is the perfect middle ground between the SPORT 910 and the PS870. It features some performance-oriented characteristics such as limited grooves, a wide shoulder and a silica compound.

Still, irrespective of these characteristics, the PS880 offers excellent water evacuation, reduced NVH and amazing comfort.

Final Thoughts

Picking a tire these days is no easy task, and the probability of you buying a “lemon” is high. Apart from losing money, buying a bad tire is dangerous as well.

The tires from Primewell that we’ve featured today are some of the best in the industry and are guaranteed to provide thousands of stress-free miles.

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