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It’s not every day that one can trust a foreign tire brand who has its manufacturing and research facilities off-shore.

If I were you, I too would have been skeptical about those Asian tire companies who promise to sell high-end models at very affordable pricing.

However, Nankang is one of the very few out of them which holds up every single promise that it makes to its customers.

It’s also a brand that we trust blindly, as their versatile range of tread sets are yet to disappoint.

From boasting amazing durability to better all-year performance and off-road treading, the Nankang tires are indeed one of the best tire solutions out there for the average car owner.

So, let’s take a look as to what makes them so very popular in today’s market.

Nankang Review Apr 2024: What makes Nankang Tires the go-to tire brand for so many?

Founded in Taiwan all the way back in 1959, Nankang tires have built a reputation on providing high-quality tread models at a very affordable price tag.

And even though they have their manufacturing facilities located in China and Taiwan, they are quite well regarded in America and other parts of the world, as they more than satisfy their global demand and ship to over 80 countries.

Their lineup consists of a variety of different tire models, as Nankang believes in being able to cater to all of their customer demands. They have specific categories for minivans, light trucks, SUVs, and even CUVs.

All of these models are highly affordable and offer excellent grip and durability with some amazing handling capabilities when cornering at higher speeds.

Here are some of the primary features which make these tires a must-have:

Quality above everything else

The engineers at Nankang pay great attention to the design and manufacturing of their tires.

Over the years, they have secured a lot of quality assurance awards, which just goes to show how driven they are in providing their customers with the best in tread design and quality.

They have also been the recipient of ISO certification, which is the sole prerequisite for allowing them to be able to export their tire models to European Union member states. This certification is not something which is handed out so easily, and Nankang having one is just indicative of their commitment in getting their high-performance tires to the wider consumer base.

Their research and manufacturing bases in both Taiwan and China are accredited and their designs hailed as some of the most efficient in the market today.

A small yet specialized catalog

Though they cater to almost all vehicle types, Nankang does seem to have a range which is far smaller than that of the more standard car manufacturer.

However, this sparseness should not indicate that this brand lacks in innovation in any way.

They try to make highly specialized tire models which can cater to more than one consumer need.

They offer multiple ultra-high performing, touring tires for the average passenger car owners, which are designed for either performing consistently throughout the year or providing fantastic treading capabilities on dry pavement.

Their truck tires, on the other hand, are just perfect for traveling on all forms of off-road terrain, even rocky mountainous ones.

Better Handling

Handling and providing a better driving experience is something which is important to Nankang.

Not only do they want their tires to provide a much safer ride for their customers, but they want their models to boast some amazing cornering and braking capabilities as well.

Nankang designs the tread pattern in such a way that it will improve the overall traction of your vehicle on both wet and dry surfaces. The contact patch is then optimized to ensure that it offers a very stable grip when cornering sharp turns at higher speeds.

The entire design of these treads offers a much better overall control of the vehicle on all types of terrain.

Higher Treadlife

There are a lot of things out on the road that can work to decrease the durability of your tires. From rugged terrain to jagged-rocks and loose surfaces, a modern-day tire needs to be as rugged and as resistant to such road damage as possible.

Nankang’s models, especially the truck series, are specifically made to power through the most challenging of terrain as they come packed with a variety of durability enhancement features.

The tires are made out of a 3-ply sidewall design consisting of shoulder blocks, which provides it with the necessary amount of firmness as well as longer tread life.

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What are their more popular models?

When it comes to Nankang and their lineup, there are primarily two that comes to our mind.

Nankang AS-1 Tire

nankang as 1 reviewThe AS-1 tire series is the high-performance, all-season category and comes with a tread design which will suit the owners of sports cars, sedans and smaller SUVs.

Nanking uses an advanced tread compound for this model and then molds it into an asymmetrical tread design to significantly improve the tire’s overall handling and traction capabilities.

The shoulders are designed to be curved with larger outer blocks, which enhances the cornering grip and provides added steering response along with minimizing the road vibrations.

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Nankang Conqueror

nankang tires reviewThe conqueror AT-5 series is all about tackling the majority of the off-road terrain, while at the same time maintaining excellent handling on urban roads and highways.

The conqueror fits the needs of truck and pickup owners perfectly well. The series is also incredibly affordable and is designed with a special cut and chip resistant high-tech silica tread compound. So apart from being highly durable, these tires boast amazing dry and wet performance as well.

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Final Thoughts

With a lineup that contains a car model for every customer need, Nankang rarely does disappoint.

Their high-performance tires are incredibly durable and offer handling and traction capabilities that far surpasses that of the average tread today.

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