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Tires are as important as fuel for a vehicle. Irrespective of the vehicle you have, it is useless if the tires burn out or go flat.

It is safe to say that tires allow vehicles to keep going, literally and figuratively. When it’s time to replace your old tires, you get an opportunity to upgrade your driving experience (or at least maintain it). Selecting an inappropriate tire can be disastrous.

How do you pick the best option from thousands? If you had to go through all the tire models and brands out there, your vehicle would probably rust before you could revive it with new tires.

And so, we have handpicked Achilles for you. It is an exceptional brand that you should consider. Read on to find out what makes this brand tick and get some insight into some of its popular tire models.

Achilles Review Jul 2024: What makes Achilles Tires one of the best tire brands today?

Achilles is owned by PT Multistrada Arah Sarana (MASA), an Indonesian automotive tire manufacturer. MASA has been in existence for nearly three decades and has made a name for itself in the tire industry. The company has a history of valuable collaborations with industry leaders such as Continental and Pirelli, to name a few.

Although Achilles was not a part of MASA since the very beginning (it was launched in 2005), it has come a long way in a short period. Today, the brand is known for offering top-notch replacement tires for commercial as well as passenger vehicles in more than 80 countries.

Quality Commitment

A tire’s quality makes a world of difference and separates the extraordinary from the ordinary. Achilles realizes that fact and is focused on meeting very high-quality benchmarks for each of its products. Customer satisfaction is the finish line that Achilles tries to surpass with its long strides of quality commitment.

MASA installed a new, state-of-the-art production line to manufacture the Achilles performance tires. A team of 35 engineers is responsible for the supervision of the entire production process. The highest quality checks are in place for tire construction, compound development, mold designing, process engineering, and simulations.

MASA tests various aspects of each Achilles tire – rolling resistance, wet braking predictions, and noise levels.


Brands get brownie points from drivers if their tires provide top-notch mileage. After all, anybody who is considering to buy replacement tires will probably question their mileage and longevity before anything else.

Achilles ensures that its tires are robust and provide long-lasting performance. MASA uses a specially formulated material in the production of Achilles tires, which significantly adds to the sturdiness post-fabrication.

The company leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the durability of its tires. Achilles tires are thoughtfully designed with protective rims to prevent critical damage.


One of the essential factors to consider when buying a tire is its impact on the handling capabilities of your vehicle. It becomes even more crucial if you are going to drive a heavy car on uneven/wet terrain.

Achilles tires are manufactured with laser-like precision to imbibe improved grip and traction. The directional tread pattern of these tires coupled with siping, biting edges and grooves enhances the overall handling dynamics of any vehicle. You can expect unparalleled maneuverability when you replace your old tires with Achilles tires.


If you think Achilles only manufactures replacement tires, think again!

Achilles is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for renowned automobile brands like Hyundai, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, and so on. The company has strategic partnerships with top-notch vehicle brands.

This proves that Achilles is a brand that can be trusted. If renowned automobile companies are relying on their tires, why shouldn’t you?

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What are some of their more popular tire models?

Achilles offers various kinds of tires that cater to different customers. The company has passenger, performance, commercial, SUV, light truck, and winter tires in its arsenal of products. We have shortlisted three of the best tire models from Achilles that are more popular than the rest.

Achilles ATR Sport

achilles atr sport reviewThe first Achilles model we have handpicked is a budget tire that is designed for superior performance. The Advanced Technology Radial (ATR) Sport is well-suited for various vehicles, including sedans and sports coupes.

We especially liked the polyester cord body and twin steel belts that add a ton of durability to this tire. It is available across a range of sizes, from 15 to 20 inches. You also get a 25,000-mile treadwear warranty with the ATR Sport.

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Achilles ATR-K Economist

achilles tires reviewThe ATR-K Economist, as the name suggests, is reasonably-priced to fit into the budget of the majority of customers. It is an Ultra-High-Performance (UHP) all-season tire which provides comfort without compromising on performance. It serves as an ideal replacement tire for all luxury sedans and sports coupes.

These tires are available in various sizes, ranging from 14 inches to 18 inches. The maximum sustainable speed that you can get with these tires is 130 mph, 149 mph, or 168 mph. It also comes with a limited treadwear warranty.

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Achilles Desert Hawk UHP

achilles desert hawk uhp reviewAchilles takes things up a notch with the Desert Hawk UHP. It is an all-season tire with superior grip and traction, which makes it ideal for SUVs and pickup trucks. Some of the design highlights of this model include a durable center rib, a directional tread pattern, and a silica-enhanced compound.

The Desert Hawk UHP is available in sizes ranging from 17 to 24 inches. It features an impressive maximum sustainable speed of 149 mph and comes with a limited treadwear warranty.

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Final Thoughts

Irrespective of the tire brand you choose, a tire will last longer if you take adequate measures for its maintenance. Most of the tires available today can last for about 50,000 miles on average, but that number can fall considerably if you are reckless.

Achilles is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, committed to providing high-quality tires and maximizing customer satisfaction. If you buy an Achilles tire, you can rest assured that it will perform optimally for as long as you maintain it.

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