Nankang Tire NS 25 A/S UHP Review Jul 2024

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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that tires are the pillars on which every car stands. And of course, the reason they get you places.

With the right tires, you can beat rain, snow, or shine, while the wrong ones can lead to life-threatening situations. There are very few tires in the market that provide all-season performance for your passenger vehicle.

However, after weeks of testing under the most rigorous conditions, we must admit that the Nankang NS-25 is a real performer. Surprisingly adept for its price, this tire surpassed all our expectations. These provide the performance of more expensive tires at a fraction of the cost, and come with the promise of stability and durability.

In this review, we are going to let you know why we love the NS-25 so much. We’re sure that after reading through the entire thing, you’ll agree with us.

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Nankang NS 25 AS UHP Review Jul 2024: Why Buy This Product?

nankang ns 25 tire reviewIrrespective of the type of vehicle you drive, Nankang is a brand that we’re sure you’ve heard of. All Nankang products are known for their excellent grip and durability, which allows drivers to enjoy a comfortable ride without compromising on speed. The NS-25 is no exception; the following are some of the reasons why we recommend this product.

All-Season Performance

Nankang tires are one of the most efficient in the world, and the NS-25 is an all-season wonder that allows our vehicles to make speed through any weather.

We’ve tested the tires out in the rain, ran it on urban as well as country roads, and even driven through the snow. We have to say that the performance is impeccable, especially on snowy grounds. This makes the NS-25 one of the most versatile all-season performers in this price range.

Excellent Grip

The NS-25 comes with three circumferential center ribs that have multiple tread patterns that provide extra grip. This comes in handy when driving on slippery, wet roads that may otherwise cause the vehicle to skid. Also, the wide grooves make it easy for the tires to push mud and snow away. This makes the tires perfect for use in inclement weather situations.

Perfect Stability

We’ve professionally tested a large number of tires over the years, and we must admit that the NS-25 ranks among one of the best out there when it comes to stability.

The driving (pun intended) factor behind the excellent stability and handling of these tires is the symmetrical central rib that guarantees a stable drive under all conditions. Add to that the numerous siping patterns that grip the road with tightness, and you’ve got the ultimate in tire dependability.

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Durable Design

All-season tires need to have specialized designs that can perform well under varied weather conditions. Thankfully, the NS-25 performs perfectly under all conditions. Nankang uses an optimized silica tread compound with the NS-25, which gives it the enhanced durability required to tackle multiple weather conditions.

Further, the three-ply sidewall design lends firmness to the structure, and the rigid shoulders help to negate on-road bruising. Along with that, the open treads allow the tires to clean themselves on regular use, which is another highlight of this product.

Noiseless Comfort

Noise is one of the factors that we always give special attention to, along with the comfort of the drive. After all, nobody wants to go on a bumpy ride that’s a pain in the ears. While other all-season tires we’ve tested have had varying degrees of noise, the NS-25 is undoubtedly the quietest of the lot.

This is due to the specialized tread pattern that prevents an audible whine. So whether driving at low speeds or zooming along, you can expect your ride to be a treat. Further, the NS-25 comes with an internal belt-based construction that makes for absorbing road shock. This makes the product particularly suited for long rides along the highway.

Highly Affordable

Finally, we’d like to mention that NS-25 is one of the most affordable tires in the market. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, this tire is sure to give a far higher ROI than any other product. Perfect for those looking for the functionality of big brands at a price that doesn’t hurt the pocket.

What Could’ve Been Better?

While the NS-25 does provide excellent value for money, a couple of points were noticed by us that might worry discerning buyers.

First, these are directional tires, which means they have a tread pattern that performs well only when rotating in a specific direction. This makes them a bit less versatile than tires with non-directional tread patterns, which operate with the same efficiency regardless of the direction of rotation.

And second, the sidewalls are a bit too soft for our liking; we’d have preferred them to be more sturdy.


  • Provides a noiseless and comfortable drive
  • Excellent grip makes for all-season performance
  • Durable design ensures the longevity
  • Gives perfect on-road stability
  • Extremely affordable option


  • Directional tires leave something to be desired
  • Sidewalls are a bit too soft


The Nankang NS-25 is a budget option for drivers who require a stable, all-season option. While the directionality factor and sidewall softness might be an issue for some, others might choose to gloss over them. Set aside the above two points, however, and you’ve got a reliable all-season performer.

But it doesn’t end there. Apart from the excellent grip on slippery roads, the product also boasts a tread pattern that lends stability to every drive of yours. Couple that with the durability of construction and noiseless comfort, and you’ve got an excellent tire model at an affordable price.

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