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General Grabber AT2 Radial Tire - 265/70R16 112S
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General Grabber AT2 Radial Tire - 265/70R16 112S
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It’s hard in itself to search for and pick the type of tire that you want.

And if you ask me, the process gets even more complicated when there are so many brands and design choices to pick from.

But today, I’ll be reviewing a brand that does much more than keeping their customers happy.

General Tire has been in the tire designing and manufacturing scene for some time now.

And when it comes to crafting a versatile range of models for a variety of purposes, General Tire is by far one of the best tire brands you can ask for.

Not only are their models built to pass through the toughest of safety tests and made with high-quality products, but they also come with a very affordable price tag as well.

In my review, I am going to go over some of the tire series from General Tire that have been taking over the market by storm.

General Tires Review Jun 2024

General Tire, in my opinion, has been quite overshadowed over the years by a lot of the popular tire brands. It’s one that will not always come readily to the mind of a car enthusiast, and more often than not fall into the background without much time in the spotlight.

Though Steve Saleen used these tires as the original product for his Mustang in the late 1980s, they still didn’t gain much notoriety before Continental took over the reins.

With the help of Continental, the company was able to successfully compete in the tire market by manufacturing high-performance models at a very competitive price.

General Tire soon started making off-road truck tires apart from just passenger series and soon began to target the creation of all-weather tire designs as well.

So, here are some of my favorite tire series from General.

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The G-Max RS Series

general gmax rs reviewThe G-Max RS passenger series from General is perhaps one of their best all-season tire ranges in its lineup.

At times, I use this tire range for my car as well. And the thing that attracts me the most towards this series is the balanced grip that these tires are able to provide all throughout the year.

The tires are designed with a StabiliTread Technology that allows them to have a larger footprint than other standard models of its class. This helps them to maximize their grip and provide optimal performances all throughout the year on both dry and wet road conditions.

The directional tread design reduces aquaplaning to a minimum, while the “Smart Grip Technology” maximizes their braking potential on dry surfaces without hampering the mobility.

They also come with a “Replacement Tire Monitor” which I really like. It indicates when I need to replace the tires well beforehand.

However, these tires are a real concern when it comes to snow treading. Light snow and slight slushy conditions are fine, but I can never get them to travel over medium snowy patches effectively.

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The AltiMAX RT43 Series

general altimax rt43 reviewThough AltiMAX RT43 is another all-season passenger tire range from General, I would suggest that you use them more for wet road conditions than dry really.

But this doesn’t mean that the tires have a terrible grip on dry roads in any way; it’s just that the tires’ wet performance keeps them a class apart from most of their competitors. The tires are manufactured with a “Peak Anti-Slip Design Technology” which is specifically designed to improve traction on wet roads.

As it provides the tires with an improved number of biting edges, the tires will make it very difficult for your car to skid under high speeds no matter how slippery the conditions are.

Additionally, the Visual Alignment Indicators that the tires come with are very helpful in extending their overall tread life.

These indicators will visually identify vehicle misalignment for you so that on correcting it you can ultimately improve the tires’ longevity.

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The Grabber HD Series

general grabber hd reviewsWhat immediately catches my eye about the Grabber HD series is the perfect balance that they are able to strike between handling, traction, durability and even tread life. This tire series is specifically made with the light trucks and SUVs in mind and provides one of the best off-road performances that you can ask from a tire in its class.

The secret behind the success of this series is the Duragen Technology that these are equipped with. These heavy-duty all season tires are made with a robust compound that allows them to have fantastic cut and chip resistance while still being easy to control and maneuver.

This also helps the tires with excellent flexibility in cold temperatures as well. And along with the “Sidewall Curb Guard” feature, the tires provide excellent control and wear resistance during high speeds when cornering or even when going over very rough terrain.

The additional rubber gauge that is added to the sidewall increases their overall robustness against curbs and other sidewall abrasions.

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The AltiMAX Arctic Series

general altimax arctic 12 reviewWhen it comes to offering one of the best snow tread performances, not many tire series will be able to compete with the General AltiMAX Arctic models.

These tires come with specially made winter sipes that significantly reduces the amount of squirm and block deformation, thereby offering a fantastic grip on snow-laden tracks. And the sipes along with the V-shaped directional tread and grooves help to deliver an even wear leading to extended tread life.

The snow traction ridges are what interests me the most about these tires. These raised ridges in the tire grooves provide exceptional grip while accelerating around tight corners along with giving excellent braking potential in deep snow.

The “Pinned for Winter Studs” feature is another significant aspect of this tire series. This allows the tires to have an optimized arrangement to support extra pinholes for stud application to help them get even better at treading over medium to heavy snow patches.

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The General HD Series

If you’re looking for a very durable pair of tires for your commercial grade vehicle which will boast both functionality and long tread life, then the General HD series might be exactly what you’re looking for.

These tires have a closed shoulder tread design that allows a very high void percentage for fantastic traction and a high tread mileage.

I noticed that the tread lock design of the tires has a unique block geometry pattern which promotes stiffness in the tread footprint and reduces the friction heat to offer lower rolling resistance.

This, in turn, optimizes fuel consumption and will make your vehicle much more fuel efficient than it was before.

The “Integrated Stone Ejection System” on the other hand will significantly reduce stone retention and casing penetration for these tires leading to much higher tread life.

And unlike many of the commercial grade tires in today’s market, the General HD series is very pocket-friendly and is quite affordable for an average customer.

Final Thoughts

From offering tires that have an amazing wet performance to models that boast both exceptional all-season capabilities along with snow treading, General Tire is all about delving in versatility and customer satisfaction. Their high-quality models come at a very pocket-friendly price and are guaranteed to last you for many miles to come.

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