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There are a lot of tire brands in the market who promise their customers a lot of features but offers very few of them in reality.

However, out of all the well-known manufacturers today, Nexen is one of the very few that keeps their customer wants and demands at the very top of their priority list.

Each of their models is crafted from the highest-quality materials and are designed to be the best performing tires in the market.

The love and dedication that they show towards their tire designs is what makes them so very popular today.

Their versatile and varied range of tire models has something to offer everyone. Whether you are the proud owner of a sedan or looking for some off-road tire solutions for your truck and SUV, Nexen will most definitely have the perfect tires for your wants and needs.

Nexen Review Apr 2024: Why do we recommend Nexen Tires?

The Korean tire manufacturer Nexen has been in the automobile industry for over 70 years now. Established all the way back in 1941, they have been pioneers to some of the most ingenious tire designs, because of which they have always been the more popular brand in the market.

Nexen products were always known for their quality as well as versatility. They always have the perfect model for any car owner no matter what their needs and demands are.

So, how was Nexen able to keep up with the changing times and market requirements even after so many years? Let’s find out.

Lays great emphasis on technology

One Nexen philosophy is to always stay ahead of the competition no matter what. They are always trying to improve on their previous tire models, along with coming up with new and exclusive tread designs that cater to specific road and weather conditions.

Nexen has set up a lot of R&D facilities all across Europe, America as well as China, and hire the best minds from each country to make feature-rich tires that can do much more than take one from point A to point B.

Better manufacturing and production quality

The Nexen manufacturing facilities are some of the most advanced research and production centers that we have ever seen among tire companies.

For quality assurance, they have an extensive batch of automated robots, which are used to create the tires as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

This automated system makes sure that the tires created are not just uniform in structure and design but free of human error as well.

Efficient Testing Procedures

Now, each of the Nexen tires and models is not immediately released into the market right after being manufactured. They have to pass through a lot of quality checks and tests to ensure that they are safe enough and performing optimally enough to be purchase-ready.

Each manufacturing facility all around the globe has something called Nexen Tire Vehicle Dynamic Testing Grounds. It’s a proving ground where the latest designs and models are put through a lot of rigorous testing so as to make sure that the tires meet the high-quality benchmarks that Nexen sets on them.

Much more long-lasting and durable

Nexen tires are some of the more durable vehicle treads out there. As they are crafted with an intricately designed silica tread compound which is molded with the rubber, they are made to be incredibly damage resistant and give really high mileages before wearing out.

Their build is robust enough to keep them performing at their best for thousands of miles. They do not succumb to wear and tear all that quickly, so you will not have to think about an immediate replacement once you opt for one of their models.

Each Nexen model always provides the value for money that it promises.

Superior Handling

When we say that Nexen tires do more than just take you from one place to another, we mean it. The superior handling that these tires provide is just one of the various perks that they have over other brands.

Their tires are designed so that they help improve on your vehicle’s handling on a variety of road and weather conditions. Each of the model designs supports ribbed asymmetric treads, which apart from enhancing the overall grip of your vehicle are very aesthetically pleasing to look at as well.

“Premium yet consistent performance” is the motto behind each of their tire designs. So, even when it’s pouring a river or snowing heavily enough to form snow beds and sludge pools, these tires will help you keep on going through them all.

The tread patterns are laced with deep biting edges as well; this allows the tires to provide a superior gripping force on slippery surfaces and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Driver Comfort and Stability

For most of the tire manufacturers, a tire model with a higher grip always means higher road noise as well as more tread vibrations. Better grip leading to lower driving comfort has always been the popular trend for years now.

However, Nexen curbs this disadvantage and curbs it rather well. They provide a unique polyester casing covering which is designed to decrease the noise as well as the vibrations that are created from traveling over rough and bumpy terrain.

So when running over debris and cracks, the Nexen tires make much lesser noise than most of their competitors.

Finally, when it comes to maintaining proper vehicle balance, the Nexen tires are manufactured with twin steel belts that will keep your vehicle even and balance on higher speeds and when taking sharp turns.

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What are some of their more popular tire models?

Over the years, Nexen tires have come up with some of the best tire models that have taken over the market by storm. And today, let us mention some of the more popular ones from their recent line-up.

The Nexen N3000

nexen n5000 plus reviewThe N3000 is the more high-end tire model from Nexen and is part of their latest summer N series which offers some of the best dry season (even monsoon) performance and traction for passenger and sports car owners.

Not only does this tire model provide improved stability at higher speeds, but it allows for better braking and cornering performance as well.

Made out of a high-performance summer tread compound, which is again mixed with directional tread patterns, the N3000 offers incredible handling on both dry and wet road conditions.

The addition of rigid shoulder blocks improves driver comfort along with off-road stability.

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Nexen CP641

nexen cp671 reviewDesigned to provide optimal performance at a much lower cost, the Nexen CP641 is going to be the choice of tire tread for those who are looking for a reliable tire solution for their sport coupes and sedans.

Its directional tread patterns allow precision handling, and as this model is made with an all-season tread compound, it also provides amazing performance all year round.

Now, apart from its all-season capabilities, CP641 also comes with a “dual center ribs” technology that enhances steering response significantly for better stability on both dry and wet pavements.

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Nexen Aria AH7

nexen aria ah7 reviewThe most affordable Nexen tire model, the Aria AH7 is specifically built for all types of coupes, sedans, minivans, crossovers as well as smaller SUVs.

In terms of the basic manufacturing structure and design, the Aria AH7 is quite similar to the CP461 and comes made out of an all-season tread compound.

So, not only is it promising optimal dry road treading but amazing wet road performance as well.

But what separates this model from the CP461 is the presence of a stiffer tread block design.

The tread block keeps the tires more responsive and provides better handling and grip on the urban streets as well as on the highways.

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Nexen CP662

nexen n priz ah8 reviewCP662 all-season tire series from Nexen can be the perfect fit for your vehicle if you like to go on a lot of off-road hiking and camping trips often.

The CP662 touring treads are amazing when it comes to traversing over off-road, rocky and bumpy terrain. They are highly resistant to damage and can traverse over boulders and extremely muddy grounds very easily.

The tire’s lateral and rounded groove design help to considerably reduce braking distance. It even helps to minimize road noise and cuts off much of the vibrations from reaching the driver, allowing for a very comfortable drive.

However, even with all these features, the Nexen CP662 is not as expensive as you might chart it out to be. The model is pretty easy on the wallet and is a very affordable option for all your off-road treading problems.

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Final Thoughts

With so many high-quality and high-performing tires in their line-up, it’s not all that surprising why Nexen has been the constant go-to for so many car owners. And we are confident that they will have the perfect tread set for your vehicle as well.

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