Best Douglas Tires Jul 2024

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Budget tire sets are something that most car experts would usually advise you against buying. This is especially true if you happen to own a high-performance vehicle.

More often than not, cheap budget tires are made out of low-quality materials which can severely compromise your car’s performance and safety. However, there does exist a select few brands in the market that offer tires in the sub-$150 range but are comparable in quality and performance to a lot of mid-range brands.

Douglas tops the list in this category, offering some of the best quality tires in the low-budget segment!

Considering the fact that you can pick these tires up from your local Walmart for under $100, the performance they deliver is pretty good.

This is not surprising given that Douglas tires are actually manufactured by Goodyear which is one of the leading names in the car tire industry. This is the brand to go for if you’re looking for a decent set of tires without having to burn a hole in your wallet.

For all those of you that want to know more, we’ve done a quick brand review of Douglas and its range of tires.

Douglas Review Jul 2024: Why should you choose Douglas Tires?


If you’re looking for pocket-friendly tires, there are only a handful of brands in the market that offer quality performance. Douglas is definitely one of the best within this category. I can only recall a few other brands that are on par with Douglas in terms of quality in this range. Most of the competitors are absolutely terrible and not worth wasting your money on.

With that said, I’d also recommend keeping your expectations modest when you’re buying these tires for your car. Ultimately, Douglas is a low-end, budget-friendly brand, and you can only expect so much out of a $100 set of tires. They have quite a few drawbacks, and if you’re going to have sky-high expectations from their tires, you’d be disappointed.

However, if you’re not planning on installing these on high-performance cars or driving under awful conditions, they are pretty decent for regular commuting.

Plenty of safety features and excellent handling

While most low-budget tire brands perform terribly when it comes to safety, Douglas is one of the few that actually seem to care about your life.

One of the key factors that make for a safe tire is the number of rigorous tests that the engineers of the company put them through before releasing them in the market.

This has enabled the company to accurately gauge the drawbacks and rectify them as soon as they are spotted. Over the years, the overall design of their tires has improved markedly, leading to a significant improvement in the handling performance. I’ve tested very few tires in this price range that offer such great handling on all kinds of surfaces.

Easy Availability

Douglas tires are sold exclusively at Walmart and are thus always within your reach no matter where in the country you are located. On top of that, you still have the option of shopping online from Walmart.

They are also always in stock, no matter which model you’re planning on buying.

Great Warranty

One of the aspects that add to the affordability of these tires is the fact that all of Douglas tires come with a 45,000 miles limited treadwear warranty. For tires that cost less than a hundred bucks, I think that’s a pretty decent deal. Unless you do some extremely rough driving under adverse conditions, their tires should last you a pretty long time.

However, there’s one annoying company policy regarding warranty claim that I should mention here. You can only claim warranty for your tires if they were mounted at a Walmart store. So, in case you bought these from Walmart and decided to mount them elsewhere, you’ll not be able to claim warranty. Quite ridiculous, indeed!

What are some of their more popular models?

Douglas has a vast selection of tires to choose from for pretty much all kinds of requirements. Whether you’re looking for all-season tires or a set of high-performance ones, you can get them easily at your local Walmart or on online stores for insanely low prices.

Here are two of their most popular models:

Douglas All-Season Tire 175/70R14 84T SL

This is one of the most value-for-money all-season tires that I’ve come across in the sub-$100 price range. It’s very comfortable and offers excellent all-season performance on both wet and dry surfaces.

Designed for minivans and cars, these tires come with circumferential blades and grooves that provide pretty decent traction on wet surfaces with little to no hydroplaning. For a budget set of tires, these things are also surprisingly quiet, mostly due to the smart tread design.

With a speed rating of T and a 45,000-mile treadwear warranty, these are an excellent option for all of you that are planning on getting a low-budget all-season tire.

Douglas Performance Tire 215/55R17 94V SL

This is one of the most popular models offered by Douglas and is among the few decent performance tires that you can get in this budget. For a performance tire priced below a hundred dollars, these are pretty good.

These tires feature deep grooves between the treads, offering ample space for water and snow to travel. This improves handling performance on wet surfaces significantly.

They also come with circumferential grooves and asymmetrical tread design for higher traction throughout all seasons.


If you’re only planning on using your car for regular commuting and do not wish to spend a lot of money on tires, Douglas is an excellent brand to look into. Their tires offer pretty decent performance in most aspects, but like all low-budget brands, they fall short in some areas of performance.

Overall, Douglas has a good selection of low-budget, value-for-money tires that are great for regular commuters.

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