Best Falken Tires May 2024

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Falken Wildpeak AT3W All_ Season Radial Tire | 275/70R18 125S | 28030703 model
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Falken Wildpeak AT3W All_ Season Radial Tire | 275/70R18 125S | 28030703 model
  • All-terrain, any-weather rugged capability | Max load (single/dual) – 3640 / 3305 lbs. | Max...

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When it comes to a car’s on-road performance and user safety, the engine, chassis, and interior features are not everything; the tires play an essential part in that aspect as well.

However, in today’s market with so many tire models and tire companies available, it gets rather complicated to pick the one that can fit your needs the best.

While one brand specializes in just wet road traction, another puts special focus on off-road performance. However, Falken is one tire company that likes to be as versatile with their treads as possible.

From tire categories which boast all-season performance to tread series that excel at traversing snow laden tracks, Falken has an amazing variety to choose from.

It was only recently that I got acquainted with this brand in my shop, and I have been recommending them to my customers ever since.

And today I’m going to review a brand that I am sure will be able to cater to all of your tire related issues.

Falken Review May 2024

In recent years, Falken has been exclusively concentrating on developing and improving their range of passenger cars for both global and domestic distribution. They often pride themselves on their in-house branding and the creative capabilities that go behind each model.

They continuously try to leverage and maximize their capabilities in not just the field of “Professional Drifting” but in the realm of autocross and multiple driving programs as well.

Falken is also well known for their off-road category of tires. Their WildPeak line represents the best of their off-road racing tires, which are a professional favorite for all types of motorsport events.

Here are some of the Falken tires series which I absolutely love.

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WildPeak Series

falken wildpeak at3w reviewLet’s start this list off with Falken’s WildPeak category. As I have mentioned above, the WildPeak series is just fantastic when it comes to off-road performance.

These tires are capable of effortlessly withstanding the harshest of road conditions, and are specifically designed to get you to your destination and back safely irrespective of mud, rocks or even snow.

The WildPeak is built with Falken’s very own “three-ply DURASPEC Sidewall Technology” which provides the tires with aggressive upper sidewalls. This helps the tires to get additional traction in rough conditions along with protecting it from damage and significantly improving its durability.

However, this additional grip doesn’t mean that the WildPeak tires compromise on mobility in any way. It has a low rolling resistance because of the unique groove pattern, thus allowing the tires to be fuel efficient as well as noiseless and easy to maneuver.

The tires have an “optimized variable three-pitch tread pattern” which makes it easy to handle and very good at shock absorbance.

The WildPeak series is bound to make your ride as comfortable as possible under any off-road condition.

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Sincera Series

falken sincera sn250 a s reviewWhen it comes to exceptional all-season performance, not many tire categories are capable of providing what the Falken Sincera series offers. I find the Sincera series to be one of the most versatile ranges of tires in the current market.

With incredible durability and tread life, the Sincera tires are the go-to model for a majority of domestic car owners. As Falken uses their proprietary Dynamic Range Technology or DRT in the make and design of the Sincera series, these tires are made as versatile as possible so that they can adapt to any weather change throughout the year.

The Sincera tires are capable of achieving maximum grip at an extensive range of operating temperatures. May it be a very wet or an arid day, the traction of the wheels will adapt and will not let you down.

The tread blocks of the wheels are placed strategically to make the ride as noiseless as possible. It even grants the tires a tread life of around 70,000 – 80,000 miles, which is significantly higher than most other competing products.

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ZIEX Series

falken ziex ze950 reviewThe ZIEX series of Falken is meant for luxurious cars and SUVs more than anything else. This is the comfort series and houses some of the most expensive models in the Falken line-up.

The ZIEX is manufactured with Falken’s latest in tread compound and construction technology. The series has an advanced “M+S all-season non-directional tread design” which makes them just perfect for use in SUVs and light sport-truck applications.

What makes these tires so smooth and dynamic are the tread blocks which are double-tapered and cut and have lug grooves with staggered shoulders. This makes the tires significantly quieter, and along with the non-directional design, the wheels are capable of rotating in all directions.

The ZIEX tires are one of the best when it comes to offering superior control around tight corners and wet surfaces. Their design almost completely nullifies hydro-planing and allows it to be ideal for city and highway use.

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Azenis Series

falken azenis fk510 reviewFor city dwellers who are in need of a high-end set of treads for their premium grade car, I would suggest the Falken Azenis series.

These tires boast the best in performance out of the entire Azenis line-up and come with a 4D Nano Design that allows them to have enhanced traction in both dry and wet surfaces.

The Azenis tires are a part of the latest generation of passenger car tires from Falken. It features hybrid undertread materials that allow it to be amazing at noise absorption and will come especially handy if you prefer to be cocooned in luxury.

For an equally stable grip and performance on both dry and wet surfaces, the Azenis tires are designed with silica-enriched compounds. These tires are meant to be used domestically and are available in sizes ranging from 17 to 22 inches along with W, Y and (Y) speed ratings.

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Espia Series

If the area where you live sees a rather high amount of snowfall all throughout the year, then the Falken Espia series might just fit your tread needs perfectly.

The Espia tires are my personal favorite when it comes to effortless treading over roads with light to medium snowy patches. These tires come with a 3D Canyon Sipe technology which allows improved ice breaking along with significant enhancements during snow and wet handling.

This design allows a lot more edges per tread block and ultimately strengthens the blocks together by making each section work in unison and support each other. However, this suppresses block flexibility and can hamper a bit of the tires mobility.

The Espia tires are even equipped with deep pockets which are built into the outside shoulder of the treads. This allows more snow to be packed into the treads thereby helping the tires to cover road surfaces quicker and significantly increase the traction during exceedingly slushy conditions.

Rubitrek Series

If you love going on long drives and seeking new adventures on distant lands, then I would recommend that you give Falken’s Rubitrek series a try. These adventure series tires, just like the WildPeak tires, boast amazing off-road performances as well.

However, it’s better to say that these tires are exclusively for off-road tracks and may not fit city roads all that well when compared to Falken’s other categories.

The Rubitrek models provide one of the most balanced off-road abilities that you will find in a tire series of that range. They can take on the most aggressive and rugged terrain with ease and keep you safe on extremely snowy and rainy days.

Their optimized tread design comes with a silica tread compound that makes them extremely durable and resistant to constant wear and tear when traversing rough terrain.

Falken’s patented 3D Canyon Sipes along with the unique lower side walls allows the tires to have excellent snow treading skills. Each of these models is qualified by the “Rubber Manufacturers Association for the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF)” symbol, and they come with extremely long tread life.

Eurowinter Series

falken eurowinter hs449 reviewI have found the Eurowinter Series to be one of the best in winter performance, and as of late they have grown to be a standard go to for a lot of car owners. The tires’ directional tread design along with the optimal void ratio allows them to have a perfect grip in snowy and slushy conditions.

Their design allows it to maintain steady contact with the road surface and helps it to get a very strong grip on both extremely snowy and rainy days.

These tires are made with passenger cars in mind and fit city life perfectly.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to picking the right treads for your car, the decisions are never really easy. But thankfully Falken tires come with a variety of options to choose from, definitely much more than the ones that I have listed for you today.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of treads for a lot of off-road use or searching for ones with amazing aquaplaning features, the Falken line-up has something to offer everyone. And as each tire is made with quality and user safety in mind, the Falken tires seldom disappoint.

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