Best Bridgestone Tires Jul 2024

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Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Highway Terrain SUV Tire P275/55R20 111 S
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Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Highway Terrain SUV Tire P275/55R20 111 S
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It’s not every day that we come across a tire manufacturing company that has over 80 years of experience in designing quality treadwear.

But the Japanese, Bridgestone, is one of the very few which are still relevant even with the stress of ever-growing competition.

They have an amazing range of tire models you can pick from, each boasting the best in quality and performance. Not only do they deal with making affordable and fuel-efficient passenger car tires but delve a bit in motorsports as well.

In 1988, with the acquisition of Firestone, Bridgestone had entered the American consumer market.  Since then they have been a go-to tire brand for all car lovers in the States.

We love how versatile this company is with their designs and how they’re capable of catering to every user’s needs, and we’re confident that they can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

Bridgestone Review Jul 2024: What makes Bridgestone a giant in the tire trade?

Superior Quality

Bridgestone has made a legacy for themselves by designing tires that deliver exceptional quality.

This level of consistent excellence is only possible because they make each of their tire models with some of the best raw materials.

Their production techniques are flawless by many standards, and they thoroughly test out their models before releasing them to the market.

From performing in-door road tests for tire stability to evaluating them in various metrics, they do a lot to keep their customers happy.

Versatile model range

Bridgestone has been relevant in the tire market for about 88 years now. So, it’s not all that surprising that they possess a vast range of tire models that cater to particular consumer needs and demands.

If you live in a very dry and urbanized area, the Bridgestone Potenza series is going to be the perfect choice.

However, if you want a set that has amazing all-season capabilities, then Driveguard Run Flat models have got you covered.

For fantastic wet terrain treading, the Bridgestone Ecopia tires are some of the very best in the market that you can choose from.

Improved Handling

The Bridgestone tires are all about improving the overall maneuverability of your vehicle.

Each of their tires is made with the latest in technology. It helps to enhance their grip and offer a much stable cornering at higher speeds.

As they are designed to support a solid center with stiff ribs, their traction on rough terrain is greatly improved. The lateral grip, on the other hand, allows them to turn at high speeds effortlessly.

And it’s no surprise why the Potenza series is well celebrated by domestic car owners for their amazing performance.


The unique tread compounds of the Bridgestone tires make for some of the most fuel-efficient models today, and this fact is especially true for the Ecopia line-up, as they’re made with NanoPro-Tech that helps to decrease the amount of energy loss.

By minimizing the rolling resistance, these tires will help you travel further with less fuel consumed and help you to save up in the long run.

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Their Top Tire Models

Potenza RE980AS

bridgestone potenza re980as reviewAs we have mentioned before, the Potenza line-up from Bridgestone is a part of their high-performance series.

The RE980AS is one of their more popular models, and a lot of the domestic car owners choose it because of how much control it offers the user.

The tire set is made out of a high silica tread compound which features the latest in tread polymers.

This ensures that the tire is capable of providing an amazing grip on both wet and dry surfaces, irrespective of the nature of the terrain.

They are designed to support symmetric tread design as well, which allows the model to optimize its footprint.  It further enhances the grip and braking and provides better control on all types of terrain.

Bridgestone has also stiffened the RE980AS’ shoulder tread blocks, and that helps to reduce the risks of hydroplaning and also offers a bit more performance while cornering.

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DriveGuard Run Flat Tire

bridgestone driveguard reviewWhen it comes to providing the driver with a lot of comfort, there are not many tire models out there which are as smooth as Bridgestone’s DriveGuard.

This flat tire set is made with Bridgestone’s patented Cooling Fin Design technology, which makes the DriveGuard lighter and capable of absorbing road vibrations.

You will find that most tire models make traveling over rough terrain and bumps a very uncomfortable experience. The DriveGuard, on the other hand, makes them incredibly smooth.

Off-road capabilities are pretty good with the DriveGuard as well, so you can now take your car straight to your camping or hiking spot.

As they come with two steel belts reinforced with spiral nylon on top of a rayon cord casing, these tires are durable and long-lasting.

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Ecopia EP422

bridgestone ecopia ep422 plus reviewThe eco-friendly and fuel-efficient Ecopia EP422 is just amazing when it comes to helping the user save up on energy in the long run.

By minimizing the rolling resistance with the help of the Nano-Tech compound it will increase fuel efficiency. The EP422 will allow you to travel further with less fuel consumed.

However, the EP422 is not just about keeping the environment clean; it offers fantastic treading performance as well.

It’s designed with independent center blocks along with intermediate ribs to provide improved grip on rough dry roads.

The circumferential grooves on the sides of the tire allow easier expulsion of the water. It helps to cut the risks of hydroplaning and enhance wet road traction.

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Final Thoughts

With so much experience and so many years of relevance in the tire market, Bridgestone is indeed a giant in the treadwear scene.

Whether it’s performance, quality or versatile line-up, they have it all. And we’re sure that at least one of their tire sets will be able to meet your needs.

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