Best Uniroyal Tires May 2024

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When it comes to the tire market, there are a large number of players, both new and old. But very few of them have been able to deliver consistently.

While some have started with a low profile and gone on to make better products occasionally, others have begun operations with a flash and a bang and gone out in a fizzle. This makes it hard for auto-enthusiasts to settle on the right set of wheels.

Thankfully, Uniroyal has proven its mettle with over a century of providing drivers with the right kind of tires for all types of vehicles. Be it high-performance, touring, or all-season, Uniroyal tires have created a legacy that’s bound to last long.

But what exactly sets the brand apart from the others struggling to find a footing in the market? This is precisely what we’re going to explore today.

Uniroyal Reviews May 2024: Why Go For Uniroyal Tires?

All-American Brand

Uniroyal is one of the few tire brands that operate entirely in the United States. With factories located all over the country, the tire brand employs over a thousand workers, and this has allowed it to produce consistently over the last 127 years.

Michelin operates the brand in the US, and the business is widely considered as one of the better examples of American achievement. All Uniroyal tires are made-in-America, with not a trace of cheap exports and inferior quality. This has enabled the brand to remain relevant in the fiercely competitive auto industry.

Large Product Variety

For any tire brand, the one thing that ensures success is variety, and this is where Uniroyal wins hands down. No matter where and what you drive, Uniroyal is sure to have a tire that meets your needs.

Along with variety, the manufacturer has also paid close attention to versatility. By producing tires that enable mobility over multiple terrains, Uniroyal has gone on to become a favorite of drivers all over the US. So whether you’re looking for winter tires or all-season tires, Uniroyal has got you covered with its comprehensive range of products.

Superb Handling

One of the first qualities that drivers look for in a tire is handling. Without consistent handling, tires often become the cause of accidents.

Keeping the above factor in mind, Uniroyal makes it a company policy to manufacture tires that provide better traction and faster responses on any terrain and under all weather conditions.

Uniroyal tires feature treads that have wide circumferential grooves, with specialized sipes that direct water away. This helps drivers gain improved traction on wet or snowy roads. Plus, the winter tires from the brand include biting edges that increase on-road grip. This allows drivers to maneuver their vehicles without fear of hydroplaning and related mishaps.


Uniroyal lays particular emphasis on durability and longevity, offering all customers a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty. This is reflective of the immense confidence that the brand places on its products.

Increased strength of internal construction marks Uniroyal tires. Every product features twin steel belts that have been reinforced with a single nylon cap. This helps to enhance the durability of the tires, and also provides a consistently comfortable drive.

Affordable Products

Let’s face it: tires don’t come cheap. And due to constant wear and tear, they are the one part of a vehicle that must be replaced periodically. This makes tire costs one of the greatest headaches for vehicle owners.

Uniroyal can serve as an excellent solution for them; the brand provides quality tires at reasonable rates. What’s more, despite their affordability, the brand does not compromise on make or materials. This makes the brand a perfect choice for drivers on a budget, looking for the perfect blend of affordability and quality.

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Top 3 Models

Tiger Paw Touring

uniroyal tires reviewAre you looking for versatile and affordable tires that fit any vehicle? Then the Tiger Paw Touring can be your best bet. Available in DT and SR varieties, this tire lineup features durable builds and efficient all-season traction.

What’s more, the tires also feature Uniroyal’s Tru-Form technology that helps to spread out the treadwear evenly. This results in even wear-and-tear and improves tire longevity.

Available in multiple sizes, the Tiger Paw lineup includes a 70,000-mile tread warranty and promises a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

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Tiger Paw AWP3

uniroyal reviewsThe next tire range that we have for you is the Tiger Paw AWP3. True to the ethos of the brand, these are as affordable as they are efficient.

The tires provide long-lasting usability for all seasons by incorporating Tru-Last technology. This translates to even tread wear and stress management.

Plus, the lineup also comes with a specialized tread pattern that ensures a noiseless, effortless drive. This makes it perfect for long trips along the highway.

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Tiger Paw GTZ

We’ve finally arrived at the Tiger Paw GTZ, and this is one beast to boast of! The GTZ is renowned among all Tiger Paw tires for its all-season performance.

Further, all tires from this lineup come equipped with a solid center rib and non-directional claw-tread design that ensures steady traction irrespective of the road condition.

Comfortable, stable, and dependable – this is a set of tires that exceeds all expectations. A must buy, in our opinion.

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When drivers search for tires, they always look for a combination of affordability, durability, and noiseless comfort. Thankfully, Uniroyal provides the perfect blend of all these features, along with longevity.

With over a century of experience, Uniroyal is a force to reckon with in the tire industry, and they’ve made a name for themselves by delivering consistent performance at affordable costs. Whether it’s a technological innovation or manufacturing quality, Uniroyal scores in every respect.

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