Badlands 12000 Winch Review Jun 2024

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Cars have been my passion ever since I was a little kid.

From helping my dad out at the garage to opening my very own car repair shop by the age of 20, automobiles have always been an integral part of my life.

That’s precisely why, I understand how important it is to pick the right winch that will perfectly go with your off-road, overland rig.

Winches have of late grown in importance as a recovery tool, and with so many varieties and build to choose from, it can get quite difficult to find the one that fits your needs.

However, to help out my readers today I have a review on a winch that is steadily growing in popularity.

Sure, we have all heard of the more popular brands like Warn or Smittybilt, but Badland is quite new to the scene and has of late become a company that can compete for the top spot.

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Badland 12,000 lbs Winch Review Jun 2024: Key Features

badland winch reviewBefore I go any further into my user experience, let me first get into the high-quality specs that the Badland winch possesses:

  • The brake type is automatic with load holding capabilities
  • Durable aircraft-grade steel cable
  • Powerful 6 HP series Wound motor
  • A three-stage planetary gear system
  • Comes with cable extenders
  • 12 ft. handheld remote control
  • A convenient 65 ft. cable
  • Able to support a weight of up to 12,000 lbs
  • Specifically designed for off-road vehicles
  • Weighs around 93.2 pound

The Badland ZRX 12000 unit is specifically tailored to benefit the off-road vehicles. The aircraft-grade cable makes it much more durable than most of its competitors and allows it to pull more weight than the average winch as well.

The 6 HP series Wound motor is what enables the winch to be used for a longer period of time. And along with the automatic load-holding brake, the motor will not overheat as often as one might think.

How did I feel about the Badland Winch ZRX 12,000 lbs?

I had the opportunity of getting to know the Badland winch quite recently in one of the engine conventions that my neighborhood was hosting. And there were certain aspects of it that I absolutely loved:

The Design

In terms of design, the Badland ZRX 12,000 lbs looks absolutely stunning. Weighing at a little bit over 90 pounds and with a 12,000 lbs capacity, you can easily mount this on an equally large rig effortlessly.

Easy to use and setup

When it comes to a winch, easy installation is important to me. And fortunately enough, the Badland ZRX is one of the more straightforward winches to install. All I had to do is mount the fairlead, then attach the control box, and finally mount the winch through the front bumper plate.

Mounting it from the front will help the cable go through the fairlead, and allow you to hardwire the Badland to the battery quite easily.


The Badland perfectly caters to those who want a professional product but do not want to blow a hole through their savings. And for the price that it’s offering, it offers an excellent amount of recovery muscles which allows it to weather through extreme conditions and bad handling.

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What are some of the customer opinions?

What customers admire the most about the Badland ZRX 12000 is its strength. It can easily handle big cars like the Chevy 5500 water truck, off-road jeeps, and certain trailers.

Some customers have been using it for years now, and they suggest that if you install the winch correctly, it is guaranteed to last you for many years. The cable is sturdy, and on very rare occasions some found it to overheat, but that was only after prolonged periods of use.

Where does the Badland Winch disappoint?

One gripe that I do have against this winch is that it drains out the battery too much, especially after prolonged use. At times it can overheat and then draw a considerable amount of battery life.

This can be quite inconvenient for the smaller truck owners who don’t have an engine with a substantial amount of battery life.

The pulling action is rather slow as well, and this turns off a lot of customers who want a model that works and pulls faster.


  • The Badland ZRX is very easy to use and set up. No complicated steps are required during the installation process
  • Pocket-friendly product which offers a fantastic amount of recovery muscle for the price
  • The unique design allows it to be effortlessly mounted on any large rig
  • Specifically manufactured to fit the needs of off-road vehicles


  • Drains out the vehicle battery excessively fast
  • Slow pulling action might be inconvenient for some

Some questions I get asked frequently about the winch

What can I pull or tow with this winch?

Any vehicle below the 12,000 lbs mark can be easily pulled with the winch. Heck, it can even be a trailer boat if it fits all the necessary conditions.

What is the warranty I get with the product?

Generally, unless you’re buying it from Harbor Freight, then you will receive a 2-year warranty with just a few extra bucks. Otherwise, there is no warranty.

Where can I get a replacement if a part breaks?

Well, the warranty will generally cover everything, but if it’s beyond the warranty period then getting in touch with Harbor Freight should be the best course of action.

Conclusion: Is the Badland ZRX 12,000 lbs Winch the right choice for you?

The relatively cheaper Badland winch can be a good option for you if you’re looking for an affordable product made from high-quality and sturdy materials. It’s a much more pocket-friendly option than other winches, and it also comes with aircraft-grade cables which are sure to last you for years to come.

Though it might have some issues with overheating and battery drainage, I believe that the pros far exceed the cons.

Hope you enjoyed my Badland winch review today.

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