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High-quality tire sets which can fit all your needs as well as coming at an affordable price range are pretty hard to come by.

Though most top tire brands out there make models which have a great set of features, they tend to cost much more than what an average car owner can afford.

However, Kelly Tires is one brand among them that tries to cater to every need of the car owner.

Their high-performing tires are incredibly pocket-friendly and affordable and perfect for those who are looking for a great tread solution within a strict budget.

From providing long-lasting and high traction all-season city tires to off-road pebble treading beasts, the Kelly line up has a lot up for offer.

And in our review today we will be going over some of the features of this tire brand, and see what makes them such a standout amidst the rest of the competition.

Kelly Review Jun 2024: Why do we recommend Kelly’s range of tires?

Kelly Tires began all the way back in 1894, where it started out as a subsidiary to Goodyear.

They then broke free from Goodyear some years later, only to be assimilated into Goodyear North America at a much later date.

However, even after going through all these transitions in management, there was one thing that the company did not compromise on and that was quality.

And their years of experience in the tire manufacturing scene has allowed them to come up with a lot of innovative designs which has helped them cater to a variety of market demands.

This is the primary reason as to why they are so very popular today.

Now apart from catering to user demands, Kelly tires are also very:


A full set of Kelly tires on average will cost you much lesser than what the other top brands in the market are able to provide.

And this affordability coupled with the amazing tire quality is what makes the Kelly tires such a great pick for the more average car owners.

The Kelly radials are priced much below the industry average as well and are going to be the cheaper option among all the high-quality tire models out there today.

Have Improved Handling

Now, Kelly may not be able to provide its average customers with a complete range of high-performance features, but for a budget tire company, they allow for incredible handling capabilities in all their models.

Their tire models are characterized by simple yet effective tread patterns with solid wide contact patches that help it to have consistent traction on all forms of terrain.

The tread design will also allow you to have better control of your vehicle, especially when you are taking tight turns at higher speeds.

The all-season models offer satisfactory snow traction as well during the winters, and the tires will be able to tread over light to medium thick snow blankets effortlessly.


The tires that Kelly manufacture usually come with a 50,000-mile limited tread warranty which is quite a lot more than the market standard.

This tread potential is indeed quite amazing to us, considering how affordable the tires are.

There are also certain prudent design elements present in the tires as well that further improves the overall durability.

The tires are designed with sturdier than average sidewalls as well as some self-cleaning tread designs, which not only reduces the bruising on these tires but also limits debris build-up.

Bruising and debris-build up is one of the primary reasons behind a tire’s decreased performance after a certain mileage.

By minimizing this, Kelly ensures that the tires can last longer and perform their best even under the roughest of road conditions.

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What are some of their more popular tire models?

So, when it comes to some of their top tire models that have been dominating the current automobile market, there are three that we would like to talk about.

Kelly Charger GT

kelly tires reviewAs one of the best pocket-friendly tire series for all types of sedans, minivans and smaller SUVs, the Kelly Charger GT is just amazing when it comes to delivering an incredibly smooth ride on all road conditions.

They are well equipped to face every season, as they are made out of an all-season tread compound and is M+S rated.

The traction of these tires are equally good on both dry and wet surfaces, and the addition of the larger independent shoulder blocks offer better cornering at higher speeds on dry surfaces.

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Kelly Edge A/S

kelly edge tires reviewThe more economical Kelly Edge A/S is specifically designed as the standard go-to for the more average passenger car owners. And much like the Charger GT, these tires too come with an all-season tread compound which allows it to perform equally well on both wet and dry surfaces.

However, their off-road capabilities are not as good as the Charger GT. As they are much more equipped to fit the needs of passenger cars, they are best used on roads with plain to slightly-rough surfaces.

However, they have great hydroplaning reduction capabilities and can deal with light snowy conditions rather well.

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Kelly Safari Signature

kelly safari tsr reviewThe Safari Signature represents Kelly’s high performing off-road tread line, which will allow you to take your vehicle out on long camping and hiking trips off the beaten path.

If you love to go out on camping trips with a telescope in hand and pitching up a tent in the middle of the wilderness, then these affordable yet high-quality tires from Kelly are a must-have.

The interior of the tires is equipped with two steel belts that are nylon reinforced, which provides the tires with an incredible amount of strength and durability.

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Final Thoughts

For the average car owner, Kelly tires are indeed the go-to tread solution. Their affordable tire models provide amazing performance and traction all year round with a very high tread life of 50,000 miles. With this brand, you can never go wrong.

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