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Sailun S637 Trailer Radial Tire-235/85R16 133M
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Sailun S637 Trailer Radial Tire-235/85R16 133M
  • Wide grooves minimize stone retention to protect casing

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Not all car owners look for expensive tire sets that boast the best in performance and design.

There are many who are happy with just an average, budget-friendly model that provides standard treading potential on a variety of terrain.

Speaking of brands which provide cheap tire models, the Chinese company, Sailun Atrezzo tops the list in almost all North American states.

They are a value brand that focuses on price point to bring customers the most pocket-friendly yet reliable set of treads.

Light-trucks, SUVs, cross trucks, passenger cars, and mid-sized trucks are what they primarily cater to, and they have grown to be a popular household name ever since they entered the American markets.

Their lineup is quite vast with a versatile range of models and designs, each catering to a variety of customer needs and demands, and we’re confident that one among them might just be what you’re looking for.

Sailun Review Jun 2024: Why go for Sailun Tires?

Value-based models

Sailun tires are made by a large Chinese conglomerate which concentrates on making tire models that have the lowest price point.

They have had years of experience in the field, and it was only recently that they entered the North American market.

Their cheaper price tag has made them an incredibly popular choice among passenger car and light-truck owners.

Established all the way back in 2002, Sailun Tires began as a company that made tire building equipment for larger corporations. They only started making their own models after merging with Jinyu Tires, another Chinese tire manufacturer.

Their models soon got traction in home soil, and they looked to expand worldwide, and they now have three factories located in Qingdao and Shenyang, China, with the third in Vietnam.

They also own Black Lion and Ravelo Tires and have, over the years, grown to be one of the most reliable tire manufacturers for domestic car owners.

The perfect balance between Value, Performance, and Support

Though the cheapest tires in the block, the Sailun treads are as reliable as some of the more expensive brands, with standard all-round performance.

Their treading potential on all terrain types is quite remarkable even though performance is not the primary focus of the company.

Each of the tires boasts amazing quality, with models like the SH406 outshining most of its competitors when performing in different weather conditions.

The all-season compound design of this tire set makes the SH406 the perfect choice for those who live in regions that experience a lot of weather changes throughout the year.

Comes with a PTPA Seal

Now, this is something that we don’t get to see with tire manufacturers. The PTPA is quite a rare award given to specific tire series and models after they pass through a variety of rigorous evaluations and testings.

The Sailun Atrezzo all-season and Ice Blazer winter lineups have been awarded the PTPA Media Seal of Approval for their exceptional quality.

It is one of the most publicized and highly recognized award seals in North America, and the testing team is composed of the largest volunteer parent testing community.

Not only do these volunteers determine the quality of the tires, but they also check to see if they’re safe for their children as well as for the general community at large.

The presence of the seal just goes to show the exceptional quality of the Sailun tires.

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Their Most Promising Lineup

Atrezzo SVA1

sailun atrezzo sva1 reviewThe Atrezzo SVA1 provides drivers with a great treading performance on both dry and wet terrain.

The unique compound of the series provides the models with improved traction on wet slippery grounds and also on light snow patches.

The independent design of the grooves allows the tires to expel water from the treads and reduce the risks of hydroplaning while improving vehicle stability and performance.

The SVA1 provides great noise reduction capabilities as well. As the tire absorbs the road vibration at the source, the driver hardly feels a thing, and you will have a smooth ride no matter how rough and bumpy the terrain gets.

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Atrezzo SH406

sailun atrezzo sh406 reviewAs we have mentioned before, when it comes to providing a stable performance all throughout the year, the Atrezzo SH406 is simply one of the best.

This tire set is specifically made to provide exceptional tread life without compromising on the comfort and quality of the tires in any way.

The SH406 is designed with what Sailun likes to call a “high abrasion formulation.” It helps to enhance the wear resistance of the tires and increase the tread life as a result.

A triplex tread compound also goes to enhance the overall longevity of the tires.

The compound improves the traction as well and helps to have stable vehicle performance when taking sharp turns at higher speeds.

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sailun s637 reviewsThe Sailun S637 is an incredibly versatile set of treads and is an all-terrain tire fit for use anywhere.

They come with extra-wide ribs which increase stability and improve vehicle traction even when traveling at higher speeds.

The tread shoulders are made wider as well which enhance tread life by helping the tires resist damage caused by high-scrub applications.

The S637, with the help of the grooves, also keeps hydroplaning at a minimum. Not only does it expel the water from the tires, but along with the mirrored tread design ensures an even wear to improve mileage and longevity.

Each of the S637 sizes features all-steel construction which keeps the tires firm and rigid even under a lot of physical impacts.

This allows the tires to have amazing off-road capabilities, and you will be able to take it with you on long hiking and camping trips.

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Final Thoughts

The Sailun tire brand is all about providing its customers with the best value for money tread models in the market. Though they might not give you the best performance with their models, they are still the best choice for those who are looking for a standard pair of treads for their vehicles.

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