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Atturo AZ850 High Performance Tire - 275/40R20 106Y
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Atturo AZ850 High Performance Tire - 275/40R20 106Y
  • The large outer tread block is designed with a rigid and strengthened block to maintain integrity...

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When it comes to getting the perfect set of treads for your beloved light truck or SUV, any standard tire model will not do.

You will need a pair that would not just fulfill all your needs, but the needs of your vehicle as well.

But with so many tire manufacturing brands out there today, we know how difficult it can get to pick one out.

However, Atturo Tires is one of the very few companies which solely base their expertise on making tires for light trucks and SUVs.

Not only are each of their models uniquely designed, but they boast the highest in durability and performance as well.

Atturo Review Jun 2024: What makes the Atturo Tires a go-to for SUV owners?

Fantastic Quality

Atturo is not exactly a well-known name among tire enthusiasts. As they are one of the newer tread brands in the market, they are not all that popular in repair shops and garages.

Despite being the new kid on the block, that doesn’t mean that their models lack in quality in any way.

Each of their tires is made out of some of the best materials and built to withstand the toughest of use and road conditions for years to come.

Highly Durable

Atturo tires provide its users some of the highest mileages a light truck or an SUV owner can ask for.

They are designed to be tough, with the help of a stiff 3-ply sidewall structure. It helps them to survive the impact and take on rough road conditions effortlessly.

They have an amazing load-bearing capacity as well and can maintain their shape and performance throughout the majority of their lifespan.

To add further onto the durability of the tires, Atturo adds shoulder lugs on them, which makes off-road treading a possibility.

Models like the Trail Blade M/T are the perfect off-road sets as they come with their very own built-in stone-throwers. It offers enhanced traction on jagged pathways and graveled grounds.

Improved Gripping Potential

The company provides its customers with enhanced grip capabilities to significantly improve vehicle mobility on loose rock surfaces, snow patches, and wet, slippery grounds.

The block-like tread design allows Atturo to provide each model with a sort of a unique shape and customize a tire’s grip and potential according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

This is why each of their models is so vastly different from each other. While the Atturo AZ850 is the best pick for urban roads, with the perfect balance between wet and dry traction, the M/T series, on the other hand, is ideal for off-road treading.

The more affordable choice

As they are still new to the market and yet to garner the same level of popularity as some of the older brands, Atturo has been selling their models at a much more economical rate than their competitors.

None of their designs asks for an exorbitant sum, even the higher-end ones. And each boasts some of the best value for money that you can ask for.

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Some of their better-known models

Atturo doesn’t exactly have a lot of models to pick from; their line-up is comparatively much smaller than some of the other brands in the market.

However, there are 3 in particular among all of their designs which we absolutely love.

The Atturo AZ850

atturo az850 reviewOne of their more economical models, the AZ850 tires, can be defined by their continuous center rib.

This tire series has amazingly quick steering response and aids in both braking as well as acceleration.

Their outer tread blocks are designed to be larger than average to improve on the overall cornering ability of the tires.

This will allow the vehicle to make sharp yet safer turns at higher speeds.

To improve performance, Atturo adds a high-tensile steel belt, along with a jointless band technology feature to the AZ850 line-up.

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Atturo Trail Blade M/T

As we have mentioned before, the Atturo M/T’s best feature is the built-in stone-throwers. It makes this model amazing at off-road treading and going over graveled surfaces.

The shoulder treads have a unique design which effectively kicks-out rocks and pebbles on their own and improves traction.

For lateral grip, the M/T is provided with scalloped shoulder blocks that help to keep the vehicle stable on dirt, sand, or any other loose surface.

With the M/T, Atturo takes road noise a bit seriously. The tires support beveled center tread blocks so that they can absorb the vibrations that arise from traveling over rough terrain.

It thereby minimizes the noise generated and makes the ride a much smoother one for the driver.

There is also a built-in rim protector that keeps the tires durable and long-lasting by protecting them from jagged rocks and pebbles.

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Atturo Trail Blade X/T

atturo trail blade xt reviewWhen it comes to aesthetic appeal in the field of SUV tires, we don’t believe that any tread model comes even close to looking as aggressive as the Atturo X/T.

The tires are designed with sidewalls that look like knife blades, and considering the fact that the X/T was designed after Quartermaster Knives QTR-3, it really doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

The sidewalls of the X/T are made in such a way so that they can add a lot of traction when driving on tough off-road tracks.

There are many sipes provided over the tread as well that helps to improve traction and handling during rain, snow, and slushy conditions.

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Final Thoughts

There are few tire manufacturers out there today which only cater to the needs of SUV and light truck owners. Atturo is one of the very few, and they do a splendid job of creating the perfect tire model for every customer.

Each of their models is unique and versatile in their own way, and boast some of the best designs along with performance.

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