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Lionhart LH-Ten all_ Season Radial Tire-265/35ZR22 102W
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Lionhart LH-Ten all_ Season Radial Tire-265/35ZR22 102W
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Finding a set of replacement tires for your vehicle is often challenging.

Most of the automobiles come with ideal tires at the time of purchase. Unless you are driving a luxury car and have a fat wallet, you know that when those original set of tires wear out, getting a replacement can be an expensive affair.

Drivers of standard passenger vehicles seldom shell out vast amounts of money to replace tires. As such, they are always looking for affordable options without compromising on quality.

Lionhart Tires is a brand that caters to those needs in the best possible way. It focuses on providing tire models that serve as excellent replacements without burning a hole in your pocket.

Lionhart Review Jun 2024: What makes Lionhart Tires one of the best tire brands today?

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of Lionhart before. Lionhart tires have been available in the North American and Canadian markets for just over five years only. But in that short period, this brand has been able to garner enough positive reviews to catch our attention. It already enjoys some goodwill in terms of product quality.

It is worth mentioning that these tires are manufactured in China. We strongly recommend you to not jump to conclusions about Lionhart tires based on their origin.

Before we review the popular tire models offered by Lionhart, let’s take a look at some of the win-win features that convinced us to select it.

Value for Money

Rather than being a shortcoming, Lionhart’s Chinese origin is advantageous when it comes to the price of its tire models. It took only a few years for the US and Canada markets to recognize Lionhart as one of the most affordable replacement tire brands.

If you would compare a Lionhart tire with a similar model from another brand, it is highly unlikely that the former would cost more than the latter.

We often fall prey to the myth that price reflects the quality and think that a product that comes at a lower price is of cheap quality. That is not the case with Lionhart tires. Despite being reasonably-priced, these tires have continuously met customer expectations.

If not anything else, we recommend these tires for the sheer value for money you would derive from them.


Versatility in design is perhaps the most fantastic aspect of Lionhart Tires. The company started by offering some flagship models of SUV, off-road, and UHP tires. Over the years, it has grown to include a diverse range of performance, passenger, trailer, and light truck tires.

Along with catering to the end-users or drivers, Lionhart sells to wholesalers and retailers as well. It has been penetrating new markets by offering tires in sizes that most of the other brands do not provide.

To cut a long story short, it is highly unlikely that any of the Lionhart tire models will not meet your size and design requirements. Such is the versatility offered by this relatively new brand in the replacement tire industry.


Lionhart tires not only meet but exceed all European standards. It should come as no surprise that it has bagged OEM contracts with some of the finest sports cars manufacturers in the European region.

The company has made efficient use of cutting-edge technology for innovation. From choosing the best and most inexpensive materials to developing unique fitments, the production process keeps quality as its top priority. And that is being reflected in the products offered!


One of the key focus points in the production of Lionhart tires is their grip. The company leaves no stone unturned to ensure that their tires adhere to various surfaces in the best possible manner. You can rest assured that with these tires on your vehicle, handling and maneuvering tight corners will feel like a breeze.

The tires come in a wide range of tread patterns to ensure longevity and peak performance. We especially liked the low noise output of the tires. To sum it up, you will enjoy unparalleled comfort while driving after you install Lionhart tires.

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What are some of their more popular tire models?

Lionhart offers a score of tire models for you to choose from. As we mentioned earlier, one of the features that help this brand stand out is the versatility in its products. Each of the tires that bear the Lionhart brand name makes for an optimal buy. Here we have handpicked three of the more popular models.

Each of these tires is available in various sizes to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your vehicle. And they are backed by Lionhart’s limited treadwear warranty.


lionhart tires reviewThe Lionhart LH-001 is probably the most economical all-season tire you can find. It is well-suited for a majority of standard vehicles. We especially liked this model because it provides excellent traction and mileage on dry as well as wet roads.

At its price point, we don’t think you will find a better alternative.

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LionClaw MT

lionhart lionclaw atx2 reviewsThe LionClaw MT is designed to handle all kinds of off-terrain surfaces, especially mud. It is the perfect option for jeeps, SUVs, light trucks, and so on. Some of the models in this series come with three-ply sidewalls to provide additional puncture resistance on rocks.

We especially liked the fact that it can function optimally even on snowy and wet surfaces.

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lionhart lh ten reviewThe LH-Eleven is one of the more recent models being offered by Lionhart. It is an Ultra-High-Performance (UHP) passenger tire in every sense of the term. It features an asymmetrical and unique tread pattern that includes multiples sipes and slits. Moreover, it has four circumferential grooves and multi-tread corrugation incisions.

All of that technical jargon translates to improved traction and enhanced braking!

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Final Thoughts

Lionhart Tires is a new brand, but that does not mean its products aren’t worth buying. It is natural to be a tad bit skeptical about a brand that has not been around for a long time, especially if it comes with a “made in China” tag. But we hope this detailed review helped clear the air.

As Lionhart likes to put it, it is well on its way to becoming the “king of the road”, thanks to its diverse range of top-notch quality tire models at attractive prices!

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