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Kumho Solus TA31 All-Season Tire - 215/55R17 94V
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Kumho Solus TA31 All-Season Tire - 215/55R17 94V
  • Wide shoulder blocks create a soft contact edge with the road for better traction and steering...

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No matter which car owner you ask, there are always two things that they ask for when it comes to picking the right tire set for their cars: affordability and reliability.

And it’s not all that easy to find a tire manufacturer who strikes the perfect balance between the two in their models.

But Kumho is one such brand which always strives to provide the customers with their money’s worth in each of their designs.

Their versatile and varied line-up combines quality, affordability, and performance rather well and has been a rather popular go-to for a lot of car owners for years now.

With a lustrous history in tire making, Kumho Tires has a little bit of something to offer everyone.

So, let’s take a closer look at this amazing tire manufacturing brand and see if they are able to provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Kumho Review Jun 2024: Why do we recommend Kumho Tires?

After being in the tire manufacturing industry for almost over 60 years, the South Korean Kumho Tires has created a legacy on their high-quality tread design and unparalleled customer support.

Known for its high-performance yet affordable tire models, this brand has expanded worldwide over the years and is extremely popular among a lot of domestic and professional car owners alike.

Kumho was also the original equipment manufacturer for a lot of the big shot car companies such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and even Ford.

So what are some of the more prominent traits and features of this tire brand which sets it apart from the rest of its competition?

Better Driving Comfort

One thing that Kumho does amazingly well is to strike the perfect balance between driving comfort and road grip in all their treads. This makes them one of the biggest names in the “all-season tire” market as almost all of their all-season models provide some of the best performances in both dry and wet road conditions.

They use a patented technology called Escot, which allows these tires to have optimal braking capabilities along with boasting improved steering response.

Kumho tires support a lot of quality-of-life features as well. Aspects such as the XRP technology helps these tires to withstand puncture, as it’s a specially made rubber compound which tries to make the tire models as long-lasting and as durable to damage as possible.

Improved Handling

Now, Kumho Tires provides each of their tread sets with particular features which allows them to significantly improve the handling capabilities of any vehicle.

Stability and grip are extremely important when traveling on rough and slippery roads on higher speeds. Cornering with high speed can be dangerous, especially if you’re not in complete control of your vehicle.

Kumho knows how important control and handling is for the driver, and that is precisely why they utilize advanced silica gel throughout the entire “contact patch” part of the manufacturing process.

This allows for increased gripping power on all forms of surfaces, even on light snow beds and ice sludges. Additionally, the center rib helps out with the overall vehicle stability as well, and gains better traction during straight-line sprints, making the Kumho tires perfect even for a variety of sports car models.

Finally, treads and shoulder blocks are also leveraged to allow for significantly improved cornering abilities at higher speeds around the sharpest of turns.

Incredible Treadlife

Kumho tire models are all about value for money and providing the customer exactly what he/she is looking for but at a very budget-friendly price.

Needless to say, these tires come with some of the highest tread life seen anywhere in the current market. Moreover, the company also offers a tread warranty of 40,000-80,000 miles on average for each of their models, so you will not have to think of a replacement anytime soon.

Kumho is able to guarantee a very accurate treadwear life measure because it puts all of its tires through a lot of rigorous testing processes.

A variety of stringent testing methods are conducted through real-world driving, and not over computer simulations.

And even after hitting the market with all these amazing features, Kumho tires are valued considerably cheaper than almost all of their competitors, making them an incredibly popular brand indeed.

Versatile Line-up

Kumho’s versatile tire range and ever-growing technological innovation is what keeps them a step ahead of the competition and cope with the changing times.

They have crafted an extensive range of tire models for the consumer market, so every customer has something to look forward to when they opt for this particular brand.

Some of the Kumho categories consist of very high performing tires which are specifically made with professional racing competitions in mind. Their models are shipped worldwide, and each of their manufacturing centers around the globe makes a lot of specialized tire models for those particular regions.

Kumho more than satisfies the standard consumer demand and has one of the best all-season tires sets for sedans, passenger cars, and even minivans.

Their specialized winter and off-road tire options are amazing as well and are as budget-friendly as the rest of their models.

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What are some of the best Kumho models?

With a lustrous history in making some of the best tire models over its entire career, Kumho has in recent times made some amazing tread sets which are just incredible, to say the least.

Some of their more noteworthy tread series are:

Kumho Ecsta 4X

kumho ecsta 4x ii ku22 reviewWhen it comes to durability and ruggedness, not many tire models in the market today will come even close to what Ecsta 4X brings to the table.

This tire series incorporates something that Kumho likes to call “run-flat technology” which helps the tires to keep performing at its best even after suffering a puncture.

This series is part of the Kumho sports car line up and is therefore made with some of the highest quality compounds to enhance its overall performance.

These compounds also improve the traction of these tires in all-season conditions, making them just perfect for both dry and wet road surface conditions.

Some of the other features of this series include large shoulder blocks with four-wide circumferential grooves as well as lateral grooves which help to channel the water away from the footprints of the tires and keep hydroplaning at a minimum.

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Kumho Sense

kumho tires reviewThe Kumho Sense series is all about taking a very traditional tire design and giving them a modern twist. This design is quite attractive and has a timeless appeal to it, but it’s also very functional at the same time and boasts fantastic all-season performance.

This tire series is perfect for those average customers who are looking for a pair of treads which, along with being solid, is quite long-lasting and uncomplicated to use.

The Sense is valued to be incredibly affordable and fits the daily needs of the more standard car enthusiasts.

However, just because this series is budget-friendly, it doesn’t mean that it lacks in quality in any way. This tires series has more than enough design and technological elements inside them to provide fantastic gripping potential while cornering at high speeds and traveling over bumpy and slippery terrain.

There are certain unique design elements present in these tires which allows them to maintain road traction all year long.

They can handle dry, wet, and even snowy conditions rather well, which makes it a fantastic, rudimentary tire series to have on your sedans and minivans.

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Kumho Crugen HT51

kumho crugen ht51 reviewReleased in the market all the way back in March of 2016, Kumho Crugen HT51 is the brand’s latest all-season tread series specifically catering to the needs of light truck and SUV owners.

This series is a very successful successor to the older Road Venture KL51, and Kumho has made a lot of improvements to this over the previous model.

The Kumho Crugen HT51 is made with an all-season tread compound and designed with an asymmetric tread pattern to specifically enhance the traction and handling on all types of surfaces.

The tread patterns are optimized as well, which along with the stiffer center tread blocks, significantly improves the steering response as well as the cornering ability.

Perfect straight-line handling at higher speeds is what these tires provide the best, and are quite renowned for being some of the safest models out there.

For a better gripping capability on wet pavement, the tires are provided with four wide circumferential grooves in a zig-zag pattern all around the tread. These grooves also have 3D sipes which effectively channel the water away and keep hydroplaning at an absolute minimum.

The 3D sipes also help to deliver better grip in light snow and slush road conditions as well.

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Final Thoughts

Kumho Tires is one of the very few brands which has been able to make tire models that balance affordability and performance amazingly well. Not only are their models durable but have a versatile range of features as well, helping them cater to a variety of customer needs and demands.

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