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Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tire - P265/70R17” 113T
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Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tire - P265/70R17” 113T
  • Wraparound tread gives a rugged look and increases puncture resistance

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When it comes to choosing a new set of tires for your car, the decision to pick the right one is never easy.

You might often be tempted to go for some of the higher end models, which will ultimately end up being completely different than what is going to fit your vehicle.

So, it’s important to keep in mind the different features that a particular tire provides before going in for the investment.

Hankook is one such tire manufacturer that keeps things relatively simple in terms of their tire design and features. They have a variety of models to choose from, where each category is able to provide something unique to every customer.

I have been intimately familiar with Hankook and their versatile range of tires for many years now. They have been my father’s go-to tire brand when he was still running his garage, and they have also grown to be one of my personal favorites in all my car restoration jobs.

And in my review today I would like to help you find out whether this tire brand can fit your needs as it did for so many others.

Hankook Review Jun 2024

From being able to provide tires for passenger cars to manufacturing bigger wheels for buses and trucks, Hankook brings in a variety of ranges to choose from.

However, today I would like to take up the chance to talk about their passenger car tires and the more popular varieties that they come in.

  • Ventus
  • Kinergy
  • Optimo
  • Dynapro
  • Winter I’Pike

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Ventus Tires

hankook ventus reviewThe Ventus variety of Hankook tires primarily consists of the more sports-oriented models and is made out of a softer rubber compound for improved on-road performance.

These tires range from the entry-level category to the more advanced and sleeker builds. The higher models with the bigger diameters and better performance capabilities are a bit expensive, but the mid ranged designs are capable of giving an excellent all-round performance.

The Venture range also comes with the 4×4 tire category and suits performance SUVs perfectly.

I found these tires to have one of the best-wet grips and braking functions with enhanced cornering abilities to help you get effortless turns at high speeds around tight corners.

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Kinergy Tires

hankook kinergy reviewIf you’re environmentally conscious and want your tires to be eco-friendly, then the Kinergy category of Hankook tires might just be what you’re looking for.

These tires are rated to be one of the best fuel savers because unlike the Venture range, they’re made with a harder compound which helps to lower the rolling resistance significantly.

They have a high comfort rating as well. They are easy to maneuver and soaks up most of the vibrations that are caused every time your car goes over bumps and ditches.

However, more importantly, these tires are some of the most noiseless ones you can avail. I live in a rather noise-sensitive neighborhood, and as they hardly emit a sound while on the road, they come in quite handy in providing a peaceful ride.

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Optimo Tires

hankook optimo reviewIf you ask me, not many tire brands will be able to compete with the Hankook Optimo series when it comes to driving comfort. They are designed with the sole purpose of fitting the larger luxury-oriented cars like the saloons.

They have significantly improved wet road performance as the unique tread design enhances water dispersion and almost nullifies aquaplaning. However, this doesn’t mean that the model compromises on dry-road traction in any way.

The tires have a larger than average contact print. This allows more of the tire surface to be in contact with the road, and aids in grip as well as the overall tire performance.

However, these tires are a bit expensive and may be out of reach for the more average buyers.

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Dynapro Tires

hankook dynapro reviewThese tires are created keeping SUVs in mind. The Dynapro category is one of the more popular 4×4 series of Hankook and provides models ranging from city tires to the more off-road designs for rough use.

They are characterized by deeper treads and allow one of the best traction on both rough and smooth road surfaces; however, this doesn’t make it compromise on its overall performance in any way.

Almost all of the Dynapro models come with larger diameters of around 17-inches and above, which is what helps them to work perfectly well on both on-road and off-road tread conditions.

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Winter I’Pike Tires

hankook ipike reviewWhen it comes to offering the best winter performance and stable treading on snow-laden grounds, not many tire models will be able to compete with Hankook’s Winter I’Pike.

These tires are designed with a specific “high-grip silica compound” that improves wet ground traction and significantly lowers rolling resistance making it just perfect for your car’s fuel economy.

The aqua slants that are incorporated into the design allow efficient water evacuation along with excellent winter performance. I found these tires to have an amazing sidewall stiffness, as they come with an equilibrium carcass line. It prevents tread deformation and allows them to be much easier to handle and steer.

However, they have average dry performance, and I would not recommend them for you if the area you live in sees more sunny days than rainy and snowy ones.

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Enfren Tires

hankook tires reviewThe Enfren tires are a lot like the Kinergy tires when it comes to offering the customers a very eco-friendly tire option. However, compared to Kinergy, these tires have lesser dry road performance and may not be as durable when traversing rougher terrain.

But the Enfren series can be a driver’s best friend when it comes to shifting and sliding through an urban jungle and dense city life. The shoulders of these tires come with a noise care block feature which not only makes them work noiselessly but also improves their cornering performances at higher speeds.

The Enfren tires also come with a special feature that will help you determine your car’s alignment as well. Hankook provides it with an anti-camber wear system which will help you compare the degree of wear of the circular groove.

By measuring the wear degree between the left and right, you will be able to determine whether your car is in proper alignment or not.

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Vantra Tires

hankook reviewThe Vantra tires are all about improved durability and come specially equipped to fit the needs of the commercial SUVs and transport vehicles.

“Internal anti-abrasion qualities’ is what best defines these tires, and they come with one of the best treadlifes that the market has to offer. The three-channel wide groove that it comes with drastically reduces hydroplaning and improves driver safety on wet roads at higher speeds.

The reinforced belt layer is what grants these tires much of its wear resistance, and allows it to have a longer lifespan even when used extensively on rough terrain.

They come with a unique block stiffness which along with the 3D groove patterns help to reduce wear as well, and also improve braking under extremely dry road conditions.

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Hankook’s Tread-Life Warranty

Hankook’s tread-life warranty covers most of their series but not all of them.

The “Optimo all season touring range of tires” is without a doubt provided with the best of the warranties. They come with a tread-life mileage of 100,000 miles which is just amazing for a tire category of its class. It’s the highest mileage warranty provided by any tire company so far; however, these tires are one of the most expensive ones as well.

The average tread-life warranty that Hankook provides is around 59,000 which may feel standard, but it’s still 3,500 miles more than the current market average. Most of the Hankook series are set at a 50,000 miles warranty while the higher-performing sports series are only given 40,000 miles.

Each Hankook tire is covered by a “30-day road test period” which is pretty average for any tire brand to have. You can take up this time to judge the performance of the tires for yourself and check whether they live up to your expectations or not.

Customer Care and Social Contribution

Hankook has always tried to place customer safety over anything else. They implement a variety of buyer oriented management practices to make customer services as reliable and as effective as possible.

Though cost-effective, their lower end models don’t compromise on quality and design in any way. And along with some of their economic and business activities, the Hankook tires promote both environmental and social values at the same time.

So are Hankook Tires the right choice for you?

Well, that is something for you to decide ultimately, but what I can vouch for is that Hankook produces one of the best tires that you will find in the market.

They have a wide range of designs to choose from, so they are bound to have the one which is going to fit your car and needs the best. Not only are these tires made with high-quality materials, but most of the passenger car models from Hankook are pocket-friendly and excellent value for money.

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