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You should never scrimp on tires.

They’re probably the most important element of your car, as no other component has so many functions to perform: provide a contact patch between the car and the road, translate all the forces into motion, keep you safe during wet or snowy weather and demand minimal maintenance.

We find it surprising then, that so many people ignore their tires and when the time comes to replace them, they just pick up the first black, round thing from Autozone.

So, to highlight the difference between a second-rate tire and a quality product, we’re contrasting the Autozone option with Milestar’s offerings, so let’s get started!

Milestar Review Jun 2024: What makes the Milestar tires so good?

Milestar Tires is a subsidiary of Tireco Inc. which was founded in 1972 and has since become a household name as far as tires for passenger vehicles, SUVs, trucks and etc go. The parent company is based in California.

Wide Ribs

Wide ribs are preferable not only on the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger but on your tires as well, and Milestar equips their tires with some pretty wide ribs!

The ribs are basically the part of the tire that isn’t indented (those would be the grooves). The ribs are not to be confused with other raised parts as the ribs are present only in the middle.

It becomes clear that the wider the ribs the better because they will actually be in contact with the road during normal driving, not the grooves.

That’s all good, but why should you go for a wide-ribbed tire, you may ask? Well, a wide-ribbed tire offers better grip, better stability and better handling, therefore opting for a wide-ribbed tire is a no-brainer.

Lateral Springs

Prepare yourself because this feature of the Milestar range is going to blow your mind. So, if you’ve ever observed the ribs of tires, you’ll notice that the ribs aren’t actually uniform; they’re made of tiny “chunks.”

Now, that’s pretty normal and this practice is accepted by the industry, however, these chunks are prone to flexing, bending and deforming, both in heavy-duty applications as well as over time.

Therefore, to reduce the stress that the forces of cornering, accelerating and braking produce on these chunks, Milestar has added tiny “springs” between the chunks themselves which resist the motion of the chunks, helping them maintain shape while increasing grip and performance.

Wide Grooves

Milestar tires are generally performance-oriented, but Milestar realizes that the party at the track of your favorite de-restricted B-road must end, and you might have to make your way back home in treacherous conditions.

So, would you be willing to risk hydroplaning and crashing into the unfortunate little lady next to you on the motorway? If you don’t fancy that, then get a Milestar tire because the wide grooves on these tires help evacuate as much water as possible.

How do the grooves help, you ask? Well, the grooves are the part of the tire that actually traps water in their fold and ejects it out at the back, which makes wider grooves a logical option as they trap and eject more water naturally.


In one episode of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson was left stranded somewhere in the USA, because he couldn’t find the correct tire for his Mercedes SLS AMG.

If only he’d thought of giving Milestar a ring!

These tires are available for wheel diameters starting from 14 inches all the way up to 20 inches in increments of one inch. The minimum width of these tires is 175 millimeters and the maximum width they go up to is 265 millimeters. The tires are available in profiles beginning from 40% of the width all the way up to 65% of the width.

We could go on, but we can see you dozing off. The point is, if you have a car, Milestar has a tire for it.

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What are some other amazing options offered by Milestar?

If this offering isn’t for you, check out these other ones by Milestar:

Weatherguard AW365

milestar tires reviewAW365 stands for all-weather, 365 days of the year, and that’s a fitting title for this tire because it truly does offer all-weather grip, dependability and durability.

It has angled tread notching for better traction and NVH levels. 3D siping helps it brake on icy surfaces and also prevents the vehicle from slipping. A constant lateral groove helps the tire maintain grip on wet surfaces, even at high speeds when the risk of hydroplaning is high.

Moreover, Milestar has tested these tires in all sorts of rugged and treacherous conditions and with all sorts of cars, so you can rest assured.

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milestar patagonia mt reviewThis tire is aimed specifically towards those who keep the spirit of classic cars alive and roaring. As automotive technology has advanced, it has become increasingly difficult to find rubber for your pride and joy from the 60s and the 70s, which is why Milestar makes the Streetsteel.

These tires feature lettering on the sidewall for aesthetics, angled siping and shoulder design. Notched ribs and circumferential grooves make this tire the perfect choice to bring your blast-from-the-past to the 21st century.

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MS70 All-Season

milestar ms932 reviewSome countries are unfortunate in the sense that they experience treacherous weather a lot of the time, and that makes purchasing a tire less a choice of the heart and more of the head.

However, the MS70 All-Season doesn’t believe in compromises as it offers superior grip compared to other all-seasons tires, thanks to its variable siping, circumferential grooves and symmetrical tread design.

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Final Thoughts

Picking a tire is no easy task, and unfortunately, the market is saturated with “lemons” that’ll not just drain your wallet but also jeopardize your safety.

This tire range by Milestar ensures that once they are installed, you can drive as far as the road will go without worrying about your tires.

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