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When it comes to buying low-budget tires, things can be quite tricky.

There are very few brands in this segment that manage to strike the right balance between performance and safety, both of which are non-negotiable when it comes to picking tires for your car.

Apart from a handful of brands, most of the low-budget tire manufacturers are simply not worth spending your money on as they are likely to end up costing you more in the long run. You’re much better off getting yourself a decent, mid-range set of tires by investing a little more money.

However, if you’re really not planning on spending too much money and still want a decent set of tires, Westlake is the brand for you.

Geared mainly towards regular car owners looking for budget-friendly tire solutions, Westlake is one of the best performing brands in the low-budget segment. They have been in the market for well over two decades and is one of the most reliable tire brands we have come across.

Here’s a small review of the brand for all of you who wish to know more about it.

Westlake Review Jul 2024: Why do we recommend Westlake Tires?

Apart from brands like Cooper and Douglas, this is one of the only low-budget tire brands that are up to the mark in terms of performance.

In fact, I’d say the value you get with most of Westlake’s tires is comparable to a lot of the mid-range brands. Surely, you cannot expect them to be as good as big names like Continental or Hercules, but you’ll almost certainly get a better feel than most of the cheap brands.

Here are a few reasons why we recommend buying Westlake Tires:

Highly Versatile

One of the biggest reasons why Westlake tires are preferred over a lot of other low-budget brands is that they are highly versatile. Most of their range of replacement tires comes packed with highly versatile, multi-purpose features that significantly increase the value of these tires.

It’s not often that you see a low-budget tire brand that offers such an expansive lineup of tires that covers performance, light-truck, passenger, CUV and SUV applications. No matter what type of application or requirement you might have, Westlake has a tire that will satisfy your needs.

Their tires also come equipped with tons of utility-enhancing features that make them a highly versatile choice for a range of different requirements. They understand that most commuters need a lot more than just a tire that runs well on suburbs and interstates.

Their range of passenger tires offers a great driving experience on city streets and highways, while the truck variants will easily handle some of the roughest off-road conditions.

High on Durability and Comfort

Comfort and durability are things that we don’t usually associate with low-budget tire brands. However, Westlake seems to be one of the few exceptions to this preconception that most of us tend to have.

Both the truck and the passenger variants of Westlake’s ranges of tires are manufactured with quality raw materials and incorporate the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. They also feature highly sophisticated design features and tread layouts, making their tires one of the most sturdy and long-lasting in the entire low-budget segment.

The brand recently managed to secure the top spot at a tire testing event hosted by ZC Rubber in Finland. The event was specific to winter tires, and every single model was put through some of the harshest subzero conditions imaginable. For a low-budget brand, this is quite an impressive feat.

Westlake also does not compromise comfort in their quest to ensure durability. Their tires come equipped with rigid center ribs that significantly improve the vehicle’s stability while the large tread blocks reduce noise to a great extent.

Excellent Handling Performance

Handling is probably the most critical factor that needs to be considered while purchasing car tires. Most low-budget tires tend to perform pretty well under normal road conditions, but as soon as the surface turns adverse, the handling becomes terrible.

Westlake tires are surprisingly good at tackling all kinds of road conditions and are one of the few low-budget tires that provide a well-rounded handling performance. Their tires are designed for regular commuter vehicles for an optimized grip and traction on different surfaces.

Their tires feature cross sipes which increase traction by expanding the surface area of the contact patch. They also come with uniquely designed shoulder blocks that significantly increase stability while cornering.

Westlake tires also feature serrated patterns and biting edges in order to increase the vehicle’s grip and enhance traction on wet surfaces. With all these features, they are undoubtedly one of the best performing low-budget tires in the market.

Incredibly Value for Money

Among all the low-budget brands out there in the market, the value for money you get with Westlake Tires is unmatched!

They are one of the most pocket-friendly brands out there in the market, and if you’re looking for a set of replacement tires without having to shell out nearly $500 bucks, this is the brand you should go for.

Instead of getting yourself a set of used tires to replace the old ones on your car, it’s an infinitely better option to invest in a set of low-budget, high-quality ones. This is where brands like Westlake do a great job of offering amazingly value-for-money products.

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What are some of the best Westlake Models?

With over two decades of being in the tire manufacturing industry, Westlake has one of the most extensive ranges of tires in the low-budget segment. Here are some of the most popular models by Westlake:

Westlake SA07 High-Performance All-Season Tires

westlake sa07 reviewThe SA07 by Westlake Tires comes with the perfect combination of performance and stability and is designed for those of you that require a versatile road performance. It is built to perform on a wide range of road conditions and is perfect for sports coupes, crossovers, and sedans in the mid-price segment.

These tires come with an all-season silica-enhanced tread compound that provides incredibly low rolling resistance, resulting in better fuel efficiency and wet traction. These are one of the best low-budget all-season tires I’ve come across in a long time.

The SA07 by Westlake performs surprisingly well when it comes to handling, mostly thanks to large shoulder blocks and deep tread grooves featured in these tires. Although their performance is nowhere near that of which is offered by the top-end high-performance sets, for a low-budget, they are pretty damn good!

With a large number of 16-20 inch sizes available in a variety of speed ratings, these are one of the best options for those of you looking for a budget-friendly high-performance tire.

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Westlake RP18 Touring All-Season Tire

westlake rp18 reviewThe RP18 by Westlake is arguably one of their best-selling models with a design that is built to fit a wide range of sedans, coupes, minivans, and crossovers. It also comes in a range of smaller 13-14 inch sizes for older vehicles with smaller filaments.

The symmetrical tread pattern and all-season tread compound featured in these models provide outstanding performance on both wet and dry road conditions. It also comes with non-directional tread patterns which make handling significantly smoother, apart from increasing the tread life of the tires.

These tires also feature vertical sipes and a unique lower profile design that is built to improve steering response and cornering stability. The performance offered by these tires is at par with a lot of the mid-range tires by well-known brands in the market.

You’ll experience little to no hydroplaning on snowy and wet surfaces with these tires, and they are perfect for all of you that do a lot of driving under adverse road conditions.

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Westlake SL309 All-Season Tires

Westlake SL309 All-Season Tireswestlake sl369 review are for drivers who drive SUVs and light trucks and are looking for a decent set of all-season tires. They are great for rigorous, heavy-duty use and offer outstanding performance for the money you’re paying.

Like a lot of Westlake’s other models, these tires also feature a silica-enhanced tread compound that is built to improve traction on both dry and wet surfaces. This Silica Tech compound also leads to lower rolling resistance, and thus, improving the fuel economy of your vehicle.

For top-notch performance in wet conditions, these tires feature four circumferential grooves and lots of lateral grooves that are highly efficient at evacuating water and minimizing hydroplaning. Overall, a great budget-friendly choice for light truck and SUV owners that do a lot of heavy-duty all-season work.

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Westlake is undoubtedly one of the best brands out there for those of you looking for a set of budget-friendly replacement tires. All of their products offer incredible value for the money you pay and is one of the top brands in the low-budget segment.

Their extensive range of tires is trusted by millions of commuters all over the globe, and I highly recommend you to take a look at their products!

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