Cooper Evolution Tour Tire Review May 2024

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Cooper tires have been one of the pioneers of tire and tread-wear technology for years now.

Their latest Evolution Tour All-Season Radial series is an incredible tire set that perfectly balances all the qualities, which makes it one of the very best in today’s market.

I have recently had the opportunity to use the tire set myself, and I must say that I absolutely loved how it performed in a variety of road conditions.

As the owner of an auto repair shop, I know how important a reliable set of treads can be for a car owner.

And in my review today, I bring you a series that has steadily grown to be one of my personal favorites, which I recommend to almost all of my customers.

So just sit back and read along.

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Cooper Evolution Tour All Season Tire Review May 2024: Why is it dominating the market today?

cooper tires evolution tour reviewSo what defines a great all-season tire series? Is it just traction or an all-round performance throughout the year, with great fuel efficiency and handling?

Well, in my experience, it’s all of them. And there are not many tire models out there which are capable of balancing most of them, let alone providing all of them.

The Evolution Tour from Cooper Tires is one of the very few that does. So, let me go into a bit of detail as to what makes them so special.

Fantastic Fuel Efficiency

Cooper Tires is known to have created an entire line of tires that are labeled with a GFE or Greater Fuel Efficiency rating. The Evolution Tour series is a part of them and has been specifically designed to reduce the rolling resistance by using the latest in tire technology along with better manufacturing materials.

The special tread compound of the tires allows them to optimize the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. When I gave the tires a try myself, I noticed that it provided me slightly better efficiency when compared to other tire models of its class.

However, a lower rolling resistance doesn’t mean that Cooper Tires has compromised on the traction of the model in any way. Handling remains optimal, to say the least, and the tires maintain great traction on a variety of terrains.

Improved Handling

Cooper Tires is famous for tread models which provide unparalleled handling on the toughest of terrains, and the Evolution Tour is no exception to that fact.

The tires are designed to support Adaptive Traction Technology that significantly improves the vehicle’s grip on off-road terrain. Rugged terrains are some of the most difficult roads to travel through for all-season treads.

Mud and uneven surfaces make it rather hard for the tires to gain a good grip. Hence, the Evolution Tour tires come with a 5-rib tread pattern that offers excellent traction on both off-road and on-road conditions.

The grip is firm on wet and dry conditions as well, and the tires allowed me to take quick sharp turns no matter what the weather condition was.

Precise vehicle control is also something that the tires allow, so you will have good responsiveness while braking, along with minimal road vibrations.

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Durability is a must for a lot of drivers. Having to change out your tires periodically can get quite annoying, and can make it feel like a bad investment to many.

So, to meet this very issue, Cooper makes its Evolution Tour series one of the most durable tread sets in the market. They’re incredibly long-lasting, so much so, that the company is willing to give a 65K mile warranty.

To make these tires durable, Cooper uses a specialized tread compound which is a silica-based gel in the tread formula to create premium-grade, high-quality tires that are resistant to both cut and chip damage.

This also decreases the effects of minor bruising which tires regularly face in off-road conditions, and the tires don’t wear out quite so often as a result.

Better Wet Road Traction and Variety

Apart from the Adaptive Traction Technology, the Evolution Tour series comes with four-wide circumferential grooves, coupled with a 3D Micro-Gauge siping around the edge. These two features work together to add extra gripping force on wet streets.

Additionally, the Evolution Tour series comes in a variety of sizes. There are around 48 different ones that you can pick from, each featuring a specific speed rating from T to H to V.

What could have been better?

Even though the Evolution Tour series is an all-season tire set, it doesn’t perform all that well on snow-laden streets.

Thin beds and sludgy conditions are fine, but if the snow starts to fall thick and fast, the tires have a very hard time keeping up with the conditions. The tires will often get stuck in snow or skid and slip when braking and cornering at high speeds.


  • Long-lasting tread design that comes with a 65K mile warranty
  • Chip and damage-resistant design makes it a great pick for off-road treading
  • Adaptive Traction Technology allows the tires to have great dry and wet road control
  • Saves fuel in the long run by reducing rolling resistance


  • Below-average performance when it came to the snowy streets

Final Thoughts

Cooper Tires has been in the tread manufacturing industry for a very long time. So, it’s really not all that surprising that their latest all-season series would be dominating the market so much.

The Evolution Tour tires are just amazing at giving passenger car and SUV owners an affordable all-season treading solution. With an amazing off-road capability, these tires are indeed a must-have companion for your next camping trip.

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