Atturo MT Tire Review Jun 2024

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If you’ve had any experience growing up in a countryside region, you’d know how crazy Americans are about off-roading in their maxed out SUVs and trucks.

We can’t deny that it was a popular adrenaline-driven sport when we were growing up. But as adults, we realized that off-road tires were too pricey and utterly useless while driving on normal roads.

So, are they worth it?

Most people don’t know the answer, to be honest, and so they try to find the most budget-friendly off-road tires to keep the engine running, and unknowingly end up threatening it’s longevity.

On that note, today we decided to share our personal experience of testing the Atturo Trail Blade MT, one of the highest-rated off-road tires in the market. So, if you’re frustrated with the unsatisfactory quality of low-priced tires, it’s your lucky day!

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Atturo MT Review Jun 2024: Why Buy This Product?

After testing it for a while, we think it’s safe to say that the Atturo Trail Blade gives stiff competition to numerous high-end tire brands in the market. Apart from its sharp looks, it also delivers quite a satisfying performance for its price tag.

We think that it makes an ideal off-road tire at a fair budget, mostly because we’ve found it to have an excellent grip on muddy surfaces. On that note, let’s have a more detailed inside scoop of its core features.

Off-Roading Experience

In most cases, the buyers are disappointed with reasonably priced off-road tires due to their incapability of accelerating in the mud. However, the Trail Blade MT seems to offer a fair accelerating and braking experience without putting the drivers through any side-to-side action hazard. Plus, the stiff casing of the tire enables it to maintain higher stability while the vehicle is moving on a steep angle, giving it more control at a higher pace.

Apart from muddy areas, the Atturo Trail Blade MT also offers decent grip and stability in sand, gravel, and rocky terrains. Although it’s not as stable as the BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain tire, it still manages to provide a somewhat similar experience, which is impressive for a tire at a lower price range.

Product Quality

This product is built from a segmented aluminum mold, which is the secret behind its adequately uniform construction. Furthermore, the Trail Blade MT comes with an added deep tread, which helps the tire in offering higher traction in off-road terrains.

Plus, the staggered shoulder blocks equipped in this model help it in gaining a better grip in soft areas, such as muddy terrains. Also, the tire comes with a limited warranty period as a bonus. So, overall, the manufacturers seem to offer higher value than what the buyers expect in this price range.

Aggressive Sidewall

Furthermore, we’re quite impressed with its aggressive sidewall, specially designed in collaboration with Quartermaster Knives. If you’re an active member of the off-road community, chances are that you’re quite familiar with this famous manufacturer of folding knives. Anyhow, the efficiency of this sidewall is best experienced in muddy areas which require higher traction.

Noteworthy to mention, we were surprised to find that the sidewalls are 3-ply on the LT sized models which prevent the tire from damages caused by off-roading. To be more precise, the usual 2-ply tires are mostly punctured from sharp debris, which isn’t the same in case of this tire.

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Debris Ejection

What usually happens is that while off-roading, the average low-priced tires are exposed to more severe damage by sharp stones and debris. But you need not worry; this tire comes with a high-quality debris ejection feature that helps the vehicles move more smoothly on rocky surfaces.

This built-in stone clearing feature is located between the shoulder treads of the tire. It kicks out any stone/debris in the way to help the vehicles remain stable while driving on uneven surfaces. Furthermore, the casing also comes with a durable rim protection feature that prevents the wheels from being damaged by debris, enhancing its durability by a fair deal.

Size And Fittings

The Atturo Trail Blade MT can be availed in numerous sizes, starting from 16 inches going all the way up to 22 inches. That’s how it can cover almost any SUV or truck that was most likely launched in the previous two decades, which speaks volumes about its versatility.

Although we’ve tested the vehicles on a Ford F-150, it can also be fitted in various other Ford trucks such as Ranger, Bronco, and Expedition. Also, it’s compatible with Hummer H3 trucks, Mitsubishi Montero, and Range Rover SUVs.

What could’ve been better?

Nothing is perfect, and similarly, this product has its itsy-bitsy flaws as well. To begin with, we’re not entirely satisfied with its performance in snowy regions. On that note, various users have complained that when the tires are used under 30-degree Fahrenheit, the rubber tends to become harder.

This results in a drastic downfall in traction, which is quite risky while driving in snow. Although we can’t complain about the performance, we’re not very satisfied with the user comfort it provides. It is quite noisy, and the ride quality is mostly reliant on how well the tires are inflated.


  • High-quality build material
  • Extra deep tread
  • 3-ply sidewall construction
  • Debris ejection feature
  • Comes in many size variations


  • Loses traction in snowy surfaces
  • A little noisy


It’s not like off-road tires are the talk of every town, and that justifies the very less relevant info available about these products. That being said, we hope we could help you learn more about high-value tires at a bargain-basement price tag through this extensive review of Atturo Trail Blade MT.

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