Atturo XT Reviews Jul 2024

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Is it just us, or is off-roading suddenly becoming cool among Americans all over again?

Everywhere we look, the adrenaline junkies are in a hunt for a decent off-roading truck, but do you know what’s smarter than buying an off-roading vehicle? It’s replacing the regular tires on your SUV with a set of all-terrain tires that serve you on both standard and uneven roads!

Speaking of all-terrain tires that offer fantastic performance under a decent price tag, we were recommended to test the Atturo Trail Blade XT tire by numerous automobile enthusiasts.

And that’s why we’re going to share our unbiased review of one of the top-rated tires in the market these days, the Atturo Trail Blade XT.

So, let’s dive into deets without any further ado!

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Atturo XT Reviews Jul 2024: Why Buy This Product?

atturo trail blade x t reviewWe’re not going to talk about how reliable Atturo is as a tire brand – if you’re an active car enthusiast, you’re very much aware of the stats. However, we had recently tested the Atturo Trail Blade MT, and that’s why we were even more excited to give this one a try. Boy, were we impressed!

With that being said, let’s check out the reasons why you too should consider giving this a try.

Tread Design

Similar to the Trail Blade MT, the tread of the Trail Blade XT is also designed in collaboration with popular pocket knives manufacturing brand, QuarterMaster Knives Co. The tread material is outsourced from Thailand to avail of the best quality and developed in Texas to add a final American touch. That’s how the tread design of this unit features the iconic “knife blade” feature, which is best known for protecting the tires from punctures while driving in rocky terrains.

This unique tread design acts as a safety measure to protect the sidewalls by ejecting any sharp object/debris that comes in the way. Also, the tread design is so visually appealing that it instantly amplifies the appearance quotient of your SUV by a notch. Furthermore, its large tread design is highly appreciated by off-roading enthusiasts for maintaining optimal traction in odd temperatures, making the competition intense for other brands.

Off-Roading Experience

Now, we find it essential to make it clear from the beginning – do not buy this product if you’re searching for hardcore off-road tires. However, if you’re looking for a decent multi-terrain tire that wouldn’t disappoint you on off-road surfaces, this makes an absolute steal of a deal. Even if it’s not the best option out there for off-roading, the versatility it offers at such a reasonable price tag is second to none.

Despite being far from the best off-road tire, it’s not the worst either. The unique design of this product enables it to produce higher traction in sandy and muddy terrains, giving you optimal ride control. On top of that, when it comes to maintaining proper traction in rocky terrains, this product can give some popular off-roading tires a hard run for their money.

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Durability And Maintenance

Not exaggerating at all, but you may need to Google what maintenance costs mean after using this product for quite some time. Yes, as per most of the users, the Atturo Trail Blade XT is a very durable product that requires almost zero maintenance.

On the flipside, Atturo doesn’t naturally make any specifications regarding tire maintenance indicators. Long story short, you have to make the best out of visual inspections to evaluate the condition of the tread.

However, the brand makes up for it by offering an extended 45,000-mile tread warranty, which seems to be an absolute value-for-money deal. Some of its key competitors such as the Kumho Road Venture MT KL71 don’t come with any warranty at all, earning a thumbs up for the Atturo Trail Blade XT!

Compatibility And Price

One common issue that’s found in most of the all-terrain tires is compatibility, but not this one. Surprisingly, the Atturo Trail Blade XT is compatible with several SUVs and trucks, from a Dodge Ram to a Toyota Cruiser.

To be more precise, the size variations of this product are between 17 inches and 24 inches. So, it doesn’t matter even if you drive uncommon vehicles such as the Hummer H3, Nissan Titan, or a GMC Jimmy; it has enough variants to fit all of these as well.

What Could’ve Been Better?

At this point, it feels like loud noise levels is a common issue found in most of the Atturo tires, given that it’s one of the biggest things we dislike about the Trail Blade XT too. The noise is loud enough to refrain anyone from considering it for long journeys, as the continuous loud humming will make anybody uncomfortable after some time.

Furthermore, some buyers have complained that when the vehicle crosses 70 mph, the tires begin to produce too much vibration for safe driving. Also, the treads fail to maintain traction in snow, so you should think twice before using it in colder temperatures.


  • Impressive traction in rocky terrains
  • 45,000-mile tread warranty
  • Debris ejection to prevent punctures
  • Satisfying performance on normal roads


  • Loud humming noises at higher speeds

Our Verdict

Just being honest, buying an all-terrain vehicle is utterly useless if you’re a regular office-going family person. However, all-terrain tires serve the purpose, more or less, without needing you to sacrifice your bank balance.

On that note, our verdict is that the Atturo Trail Blade XT is one of the most budget-friendly multi-terrain tires that you can buy if you’re not having very high expectations. It successfully serves the purpose, and lasts for years to come, so why not?

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