Atturo Trail Blade AT Tire Reviews Apr 2024

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Racing your SUV on rocky terrains is all fun and games until your tires lose traction!

It’s hard to find an automobile enthusiast who doesn’t wish to own a 4×4 all-terrain vehicle, but what good is it if you’re compromising with the tires?

The most crucial aspect of off-roading is maintaining a stable grip on uneven surfaces, which otherwise can lead to life-threatening accidents, and that reason alone justifies why you should research high-quality AT tires for a safe off-roading experience.

Speaking of which, we recently decided to test the Atturo Trail Blade AT tire, as it has been making waves in the market nowadays.

After testing, we have only three words to describe our experience: value for money. On that note, let’s check out why this product deserves your attention!

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Atturo Trail Blade AT 275 60R20 Reviews Apr 2024: Why Buy This Product?

atturo trail blade at reviewWith the rising demand for AT tires in the market, the Atturo Trail Blade AT range has stood out to be one of the highest-rated tires one can find at a reasonable price.

Atturo, being a pioneer in the tire industry, has undoubtedly developed this unit to give most of the established brands a tight run for the money. Whether it’s about tread compound or performance, this product has satisfied us with its capabilities. With that being said, let’s check out its best features!

Off-Road Performance

Being an AT tire, the best thing we’ve found about this product is its off-roading performance. Just ask any car enthusiast: if the shoulder blocks on your tires aren’t spacious enough, you may find it hard to maintain vehicular stability on rocky terrains. However, it’s impressive how the manufacturers have built the blocks wide enough to have a better grip in such territories.

Furthermore, the alternate tread block designs make it easier for the tire to accelerate on muddy and dirty surfaces, which is impressive for sure. We’ve also noticed that its circumferential grooves have adequate depth for a comfortable off-roading experience. Last but not least, the tire also comes equipped with staggered shoulders that prevent the tires from being punctured while driving on rocky terrains.

Tire Compound

What good is an AT tire if it isn’t built with sturdy and long-lasting material? Yes, the Atturo Trail Blade AT is built with a reformulated and enhanced compound that makes it more suitable for off-roading. The high-quality compound prevents the tire from being torn off quickly, which makes it excellent for use in rocky terrains.

Furthermore, we’ve found that the product has been built with hydrocarbon free oil, which makes it eligible to meet the EU standards as well. That’s how you know that your tires are environment-friendly and tested to perfection at the same time.

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Tread Design

We can’t stress on this enough – tread designs are more than just appearance, as it is the most important determinant when it comes to traction capabilities. On that note, Atturo Trail Blade AT tire comes with adequately thick sidewalls, staggered shoulder treads, and multiple sipes in the middle section. In other words, the tread design consists of the recipe for perfect traction.

That’s how this product excels at offering excellent on-road and off-road traction on dry surfaces while making handling and cornering a lot easier. The rim protectors also help in providing decent protection from curbs, extending its durability by a fair deal. Although we’re not sure about its snow traction, its wet traction is quite impressive as well.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Unfortunately, it isn’t the quietest tire we’ve tested by far, and once the car crosses 80 mph, the tires orchestrate to produce the most uncomfortable noise you could hear while driving.

However, unless you’re one of those drivers who don’t care about speed limits, this shouldn’t be a big problem. Furthermore, we believe that it can be a little unstable on deep muddy surfaces, as its blocks are a bit too wide.


  • Suitable for on-roading and off-roading
  • Enhanced tread compound
  • Satisfying wet traction
  • Long-lasting and durable tires


  • Can be a little noisy

Our Verdict

We hope that you’ve enjoyed going through our Atturo Trail Blade AT review. Our verdict here is that if you’re okay with its itsy-bitsy flaws, it can be one of the smartest investments you could make to upgrade your vehicle.

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