Nitto Terra Grappler Reviews 2020

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If you own a light truck or an SUV and hit the back-roads quite often, you just can’t compromise when it comes to the quality of your tires!

As someone who has done quite a bit of driving through rough terrain, I can assure you that the quality of your tires can make all the difference if you happen to get stuck in a tricky situation.

So why not invest a little more money to ensure your safety?

The Nitto Terra Grappler G2 All-Season Radial Tire is my product of choice when it comes to driving through some of the muddiest and slushiest dirt roads imaginable.

Not only is the build quality absolutely top-notch, but the tire also exhibits outstanding traction on a wide range of road conditions.

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Terra Grappler G2 Review 2020: Why should you buy this product?

nitto terra grappler g2 reviewAs a lifelong car enthusiast, I’ve tested out a lot of all-terrain tires on a wide variety of light trucks and SUVs, and only a few of them managed to impress me as much as the Nitto Grappler G2 did!

Not only is it priced modestly, but the performance is also way off the charts when compared to its competitors in the same price range.

Here are a few things I loved about this set:

Outstanding All-Terrain Handling Performance

The first generation of Nitto Terra Grappler was quite well known for its high-quality all-terrain performance, and the G2 takes it a step further.

These tires are engineered to perform equally well on the trail and the highways, and so you don’t need to worry about a lowered ride quality once you switch tracks.

Just take one look at the design of these tires, and you’ll instantly see how much effort the brand has put towards ensuring durability and maintaining top-notch performance. The tread design has been significantly improved as compared to its predecessor. The improved tread compound guarantees 50,000 miles tread wear for LT-Metric and flotation sizes, and 65,000 miles for hard metric sizes.

Excellent Performance in Dry/Wet and Snowy Conditions

The improved tread design, combined with a significantly increased stiffness of the sidewall, makes driving on both wet and dry conditions far more comfortable.

While testing out these tires on a significantly wet surface, I found the steering to be highly responsive with almost negligible hydroplaning. Even at high speeds, I was able to steer and corner confidently without having to worry about losing grip.

Performance in dry conditions was also extremely satisfying, and the design ensured a firm and sticky grip on dry pavement.

As far as performance on icy and snowy tracks is concerned, I’ve never tested out all-season tires in this price range that can do such a great job!

Despite being all-season tires, the construction of the rubber ensures the tread does not stiffen in frigid temperatures. This allows for a firm grip and traction on icy roads. However, don’t expect its performance to be on par with winter & snow tires.

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Comfort and Noise

nitto terra grappler g2 reviews in snowThis is the aspect that really took me by surprise.

Usually, when you think of all-season tires, you don’t imagine them being too quiet as they are designed to be more functional than comfortable.

However, the Nitto Terra Grappler is one of the few exceptional sets of all-season tires that are pretty low when it comes to noise. This can be entirely attributed to the all-terrain tread block with a variable pitch that has been incorporated into the design of these tires.

They also sail quite smoothly in most road conditions, efficiently absorbing small bumps and ensuring a comfortable riding experience.

Compatibility and Durability

As I mentioned earlier, Nitto has significantly improved the tread design in these tires which ensures a longer life. However, durability also depends on other design features such as the quality of sidewall construction and it is absolutely outstanding!

Not only have they strengthened the sidewalls, but they have also actually incorporated a dual sidewall design in these tires – lightning bolts on one side, blades on the other.

The tread design also comes with a stone ejection system, and the high-quality tread block ensures even tread wear. It also has a good tread depth, which ensures your tires are always ready to face the roughest of terrains.

The Nitto Terra Grappler is designed for light trucks and SUVs with a vast range of sizes available to match all sorts of makes, models and trims.

What could have been better?

Decreased tread wear in hot conditions

While the Nitto Grappler G2 does claim to guarantee 50,000 miles of tread wear on LT-metrics, there have been complaints regarding a significantly reduced tread in extremely hot conditions. However, this can very well be a case of improperly balanced tires or just too much lousy driving on bad roads.

Not recommended for extremely snowy road conditions

If you’re planning on using these tires to drive in extremely snowy and slushy conditions, you might end up being disappointed!

All-season radial tires come with limitations on the amount of snow they can handle. While these tires perform exceptionally well on mildly icy surfaces, this isn’t necessarily going to be the case if the roads are too icy. We recommend investing in winter & snow tires if you plan on driving through very snowy surfaces.

  • A well-balanced performance both on and off the trail
  • Extremely durable design thanks to the improved tread design and reinforced coupling joints
  • The all-terrain tread block with variable pitch significantly reduces noise
  • Excellent handling on both dry and wet conditions
  • Reduced tread wear in hot conditions
  • Not suitable for extremely snowy tracks

Final Verdict

If a high-performance, versatile and durable all-season tire is what you’re looking for, the Nitto Terra Grappler is one of the best options in the mid-price segment.

Not only are these tires going to last you a long time, but they also score quite high when it comes to safety as well. Being a safety freak, I always test out the tires on a wide range of conditions. This model has surpassed my expectations in almost every situation I put it in!

The value for money these tires provide is also unmatched!

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