Michelin Premier LTX Tire Review Apr 2024

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One of my earliest memories of vehicle repair was with my father when we got to work on his old Mustang.

It was him that taught me most of what I know about car repair today and has been instrumental in helping me set up my own repair garage later on.

He would often tell me how important the tires are for a vehicle, and it’s always essential to be able to pick the right pair that will not only complement the car, but the user needs as well.

Hence keeping my father’s teachings in mind, I have brought a review on a tire series for those who are still not sure as to which treads to choose for their light trucks and SUVs.

The Michelin Premier LTX SL in my eyes is one of the best all-season tire set in the current market, and I am confident that it will be able to fit all your driving needs.

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Premier LTX Review Apr 2024: Why should you invest in the SL Radial Tires?

michelin premier ltx reviewThe tire series from Michelin can be very easily defined by the perfect balance that they strike between durability and performance on both wet and dry surfaces.

The French tire manufacturing brand Michelin has been in the tread designing field for a very long time now. They are incredibly popular among both professionals and amateurs, and their latest LTX SL tires do not disappoint in that regard.

Now, I have been trying out a lot of tire models in my shop recently, and out of all of them, the LTX SL series seems to stand out the most. So let me tell you why is that the case.

Smooth Dry Road Performance

As these all-season models are primarily designed to be highway tires, it goes without saying that when it comes to performing in dry conditions, they will, more often than not, excel.

The sidewalls of these tires are designed to be tougher than most models so that they’re not all that affected by daily wear and boast a higher tread life. However, the tread surface is slightly softer as well; it’s composed of a unique sunflower oil compound which allows for a very firm grip on rough surfaces.

I found that the tires literally glide over dry surfaces and responds very quickly to all bumps and ditches, thereby making them both comfortable and safe to use.

Wet Performance Efficiency

The rubber base of the SL tires is made with something that Michelin likes to call an EverGrip compound. It’s a very unique mixture of sunflower oil and silica and is specifically used to improve the performance of tires on wet tracks.

The silica acts as a bonding agent which strengthens the overall longevity and structure of the tires. Whereas the sunflower oil, on the other hand, improves the hydroplaning capabilities and enhances the tire’s gripping action on wet and slippery surfaces.

Additionally, the compounds are molded into a symmetric tread design and possess a central rib which is then flanked by notched ribs and linked shoulder blocks.

The steel belts wrapped around the treads have a pyramidal cord on top of a polyester casing ply so as to allow the tires to provide equally stable rolling action on both dry and wet surfaces.

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Satisfactory During The Winters

michelin premier ltx tire reviewThe SL all-season tires will very easily see you comfortably through all four seasons, even the colder months.

However, I will not suggest that you use them if your area sees heavy snowfall and extremely harsh winters during those months. The tires are bound to get stuck in thick pockets of snow, and you will have a very hard time maneuvering them under such conditions.

Though the silica and sunflower compound will allow them to handle low temperatures rather comfortably, the biting edges are not proficient enough to go over thick blankets all that well.

Road Noise Reduction

The Premier LTX SL has an internal structure which specifically helps these tires to have amazing noise reduction capabilities. All-season tires are typically known to have rougher traction, which as a result creates a lot of road noise.

As the twin belts of the tires are placed inside a polyester casing ply, they keep the tires stable on all forms of surfaces and noise-free by absorbing most of the vibrations.

However, even though the noise is at a bare minimum in lower speeds, once you reach the highway and hit higher speeds of around 75 mph, the noise does become noticeable.

What about the Michelin Premier LTX SL could have been better?

When it comes to some of the more disadvantageous features of these tires, the first thing that comes to my mind is the price tag. They are rather expensive when compared to some of the standard models in the market today, and may be out of reach for a lot of car enthusiasts.

Secondly, extreme off-road treading is a no go with them. Going over smaller bricks and rough patches may be fine, but when it comes to the bigger boulders and rocks, these tires don’t perform all that well.


  • One of the more popular all-season tire models today that balances both durability and performance
  • Allows amazing performances on both dry and wet surfaces
  • Has great road noise reduction capabilities in lower speeds
  • Unique rubber compound and internal structure absorb vibrations for a smoother ride


  • Is a much more expensive model when compared to its competitors
  • Off-road capabilities are rather disappointing

Final Thoughts

With amazing dry and wet performances, the Premier LTX SL can indeed be a must have tire series for amateurs and professionals alike. And not only do they strike the perfect balance between durability and traction but with a unique internal structure, they have fantastic noise reduction capability as well.

So, if you’re searching for a set of amazing all-season tires for your precious light truck or SUV, then these tires might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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