Michelin Premier A/S Review 2020

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When it comes to picking a pair of tires for your vehicle, you will not only need to find a set that compliments your car but caters to your needs as well.

And if running an auto repair shop has taught me anything, it is that the current tire market is a vast ocean of models which makes it difficult for anyone to select the ideal pair.

But today, I have brought all my readers a review on a tire model that does a little bit of everything.

The Michelin Premier A/S Touring Radial Tires are my recent favorites in the category of all-season tires. Not only do they have amazing dry road performance, but they excel on wet and light snow surfaces as well.

So, let’s take a closer look as to why this series comes so highly recommended from my side.

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Michelin Premier Tires Review 2020: Why invest in the Premier A/S?

michelin premier a s reviewFrom the company that had a proprietary hand in the make and design of removable, pneurail and radial tires, comes an all-season tire series that does more than just take one from point A to point B.

The Premier A/S tires are by far one of the most popular models in the market today, and comes with a “safe when new, safe when worn” design motto which makes it perfect for both domestic and professional use.

Now, I have been using this tire series for some time now, and I would like to talk about them in terms of their performance in various fields.

Dry Performance

When it comes to treading over dry roads, the Premier A/S provides an incredibly smooth ride along with a great stopping grip which doesn’t wear down even after miles of use.

The tires come with an EverGrip tech, which contains hidden grooves along with the treads. This very technology is what allows these tires to have a superior handling prowess in both dry as well as wet conditions.

The internal structure of the tires has two steel belts which are made out of a strongly wrapped polyamide chord on top of a polyester casing ply.

This perfectly blends out comfort and a smooth ride with that of handling and durability.

Wet Performance

As the Premier A/S series is designed to be primarily a set of all-season tires, they come with some amazing wet performance capabilities as well.

These tires have something which Michelin likes to call “expanding hidden grooves” which seeks to improve the driving stability on wet and slippery surfaces.

During the monsoon, these grooves which are usually hidden come out as the tires start to wear, and this is precisely where the “safe when new, safe when worn” designing feature comes in.

The 150 hidden rain grooves which emerge helps with the hydroplaning and significantly improves the water funneling process out of the treads so that the tires don’t skid and slip.

The rubber compound of these treads is made with a high amount of silica and sunflower oil, which grants them the much-needed strength and flexibility to face the harshest of road conditions.

While the bonding strength of silica is what allows for the higher grip and longevity, sunflower oil, on the other hand, provides flexibility and enhanced grip at lower temperatures.

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Snow and Ice Performance

michelin premier tires reviewI would not be recommending this tire series for those who live in areas which see very harsh winters and a lot of snowfall.

The unique groove system of the Premier A/S tires may go over small snow beds and slushy puddled areas very comfortably, but when it comes to traversing thicker blankets of snow, the tires more often than not tend to get stuck.

Though the tires are a jack-of-all-trades, it’s much more beneficial to use them in areas with light snow conditions and not a full on snow bed.

Noise Reduction and Driving Comfort

The unique rubber compounds and the base structure of the tires themselves make for a very smooth ride when using these tires. The vibration absorption on them is pretty good, and you can very comfortably travel over bumpy roads and even ditches.

Road noise reduction is another aspect of these tires which I really love. However, noiseless travel capability is limited to the first two years alone.

The more the tires start to wear, the more do the grooves become prominent, and so the noise reduction is compromised. But the noise will not be loud enough for the neighbors to complain, even after 4 years of use.

What about the Michelin Premier A/S Tires could have been better?

Now, when it comes to the cons, the biggest disappointment of this tire series for me is when it comes to the off-road capabilities. Traveling over terrain which is slightly rough with smaller gravel and rocks is easily achievable by these tires, but for roads with bigger boulder and extremely muddy tracks, the A/S tire does seem to disappoint.

Another aspect which many might find to be unfavorable is the decreasing noise cancellation capabilities as the tires start to wear.

  • Has amazing dry road performance, including traversing on highway roads
  • The 150 grooves help to expel water from the treads and improve wet surface stability
  • Unique rubber compounds successfully balance tire durability and flexibility
  • Has great noise cancellation features along with light snow treading capabilities
  • Noise reduction capabilities decrease as the tires start to wear
  • The A/S disappoints when traveling over off-road and extremely muddy tracks

Final Thoughts

The Michelin Premier A/S tires are, in my books, one of the best all-season tire models in the market today. If you are a domestic car owner or a professional searching for a nice pair of treads for your vehicle, then this amazing tire set from Michelin may be exactly what you’re looking for.

With amazing dry and wet road performance to boast, this tire range is something that I recommend to all my customers.

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