Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Reviews Apr 2024

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Goodyear is a brand that has never failed to impress, especially when it comes to their off-road Wrangler DuraTrac Series of tires.

Being an adventure freak and an automobile enthusiast, I’ve always relied on this brand to take me through some of the most challenging roads that a lot of other brands struggle to make it through.

Not only are these tires extremely efficient at tackling some pretty harsh roads, but they are also exceptionally durable.

I’ve been using the Wrangler DuraTrac Radial LT285 on my Grand Cherokee since the summer of 2017, and after nearly 35,000 miles of driving experience with this set of tires, I am almost certain that there’s no other tire in this price segment that can outperform these things.

They are simply outstanding when it comes to tackling muddy and slushy routes, and are also exceptionally good while driving on the highway.

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Wrangler Duratrac Review Apr 2024: Why Should You Buy This Product?

goodyear wrangler reviewIf you’re looking to upgrade your stock tires to something more aggressive and better equipped at handling off-road terrain, the Wrangler DuraTrac by Goodyear is probably the best choice. While it does cost a little bit on the higher side, the performance you get is well worth the money.

Here are a few things I liked about the DuraTrac Radial LT285:

Great Performance in Winters

When I say good winter performance, I’m not just referring to its performance in deep-snow conditions. A lot of all-terrain mud tires perform very well in deep snow conditions, but struggle hard when they face icy and slushy roads. This is where the Wrangler DuraTrac outperforms almost all of its competitors in its price range.

I’ve had a fair amount of experience driving around with these tires on my Grand Cherokee in the slushy winters of the Northern-Western US, and I must say that the handling and stability I got was simply outstanding!

Although the Wrangler DuraTrac has large tread blocks like most ordinary mud-tires, it comes with a significantly higher amount of siping on the surface of the tires. This prevents the accumulation of slush on the tread blocks and increases stability significantly.

Excellent Off-Roading Experience

The Wrangler DuraTrac by Goodyear is more than just an all-season tire. It’s also one of the best off-roading tires out there in the mid-price segment!

I’ve driven around with these things on a wide range of terrain, from rocky mountain roads to some of muddiest dirt tracks in the country, and these tires handled all of them with ease!

I’m going to break down my experience of the DuraTrac’s off-roading performance into two parts:

Mud Performance

While the Wrangler DuraTrac doesn’t really handle mud as well as a dedicated mud-tire would, its performance is more than enough to sail through almost all kinds of muddy tracks you throw at it. In fact, with these things on, you wouldn’t need to invest in a mud-tire.

When I compared the DuraTrac’s performance with other all-terrain tires, it became evident that these tires were far superior in the way it handles dirt and mud tracks.

I’ve tested out numerous all-terrain tires on muddy tracks, and almost all of them struggle when mud gets packed up in the tread, leading to a significant loss of traction. However, these tires come equipped with Self-Cleaning Shoulder Blocks, which completely eliminates this issue!

Rocky Track Performance

When it comes to the tire’s performance in rocky surfaces, the Self-Cleaning Shoulder Blocks once again turn out to be a game changer for these tires.

The traction I got with these tires on was surprisingly good. It was noticeably better than most other all-terrain tires I’ve tested out in this range.

This high level of traction is most likely due to extended tread blocks that wrap the edge of the sidewall, offering an added layer of protection against rocks. They also come with Rim Protectors which will go a long way in saving your tires from some serious rock damage.

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Good Performance on Roads

goodyear wrangler tire reviewsWhile Goodyear focused primarily on the off-road performance of Wrangler DuraTrac, the on-road performance was just as good, if not better.

Being an all-terrain tire, I initially expected these things to be extremely loud, but after a few days of driving them around, my misconception was completely shattered!

They also performed brilliantly in wet conditions, mostly due to the ample amount of siping provided on these tires. I failed to notice any hydroplaning while driving these around.

What Could Have Been Better?

While my experience was mostly positive with these tires, there are a few areas where they failed to perform up to expectations.

Tends to vibrate a lot at high speeds

This is a problem which you’ll only face if you’re going to fit these things on slightly heavier vehicles. While the vibrations were clearly felt on my Grand Cherokee, it was uncomfortable only at very high speeds.

However, with heavier vehicles such as LTs, there have been quite a few complaints regarding the uncomfortable levels of vibrations that come with these tires.

Priced significantly higher than its competitors

While I agree that these tires surpass most competitors when it comes to performance, I feel the price tag is a tad bit higher than it should be.



  • Excellent performance on snowy and slushy surfaces
  • Good traction under wet conditions
  • Performs very well on rocky and muddy racks
  • Has an extended tread life of 50,000 miles



  • Uncomfortable levels of vibration when equipped with heavy vehicles
  • Will burn a hole in your wallet

Final Verdict

The Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial LT285 is an excellent choice for all of you that are willing to invest a little higher for a high-quality set of all-terrain radial tires.

Yes, these tires are expensive, but they are also better than almost every other tire in this price range. So if performance is your priority, and you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, these are the perfect choice for a flawless off-roading experience.

Highly recommended for owners of SUVs and LTs that do a lot of high-intensity off-road driving!

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