Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready Tire Review May 2024

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When it comes to you and your family’s safety on the road, just putting on your seatbelt is not going to cut it.

Your vehicle needs to be paired with a reliable set of tires as well, which can come clutch when the roads start to get perilous during the monsoons and winters.

A tire that responds well to the terrain and offers amazing traction and breaking potential is an integral part of road safety.

So if your neighborhood faces equal amounts of dry, sludgy, and wet roads all throughout the year, then I have just the perfect tire recommendation for you today.

The WeatherReady from Goodyear is stealing the show in terms of balancing wet and dry road performance.

And in my review today, I will go over what makes this series such a badass in effortlessly tackling the toughest of terrains.

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Goodyear Weather Ready Review May 2024: What makes it one of the best all-season treads?

goodyear weather ready tire reviewThe current automobile market is filled with a variety of all-season tire models, each boasting special features that cater to particular user needs and demands. But in recent years, the Goodyear WeatherReady has grown to be a top contender among them.

The reason behind their popularity lies in the fact that they are by far the most versatile choice in any category, and it is this very versatility that allows the model to meet multiple driver demands.

I recommend them quite highly at my auto-repair shop, as they come with:

Better quality and technology

Ever since its launch in 2017, the Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady tires were hailed by critics as the company’s best traction tire.

Even though the TripleTred was the more popular choice back then, car owners are slowly moving towards the newer and better kid on the block.

In terms of design, much of the WeatherReady’s functions were based on that of the TripleTred. However, Goodyear made a lot of improvements from the last model and gave the newer one the latest in tire technology.

The company took a page out of Michelin Premier A/S’s technological design as well, and thus, the WeatherReady comes with newer and better biting edges which start to appear when the tire begins to wear.

This allows the model to work at its very best, even after acquiring a lot of mileage under its belt.

Improved All-Season Performance

The WeatherReady set comes with an all-weather tread compound and asymmetric tread pattern for better traction and vehicle handling. This unique design will allow the driver to have better control over the vehicle even on tough road conditions.

Cornering at high speeds is made easier by the WeatherReady as well. As it’s designed with what Goodyear’s 3D TreadLock technology blades, this tire model is capable of taking sharp turns at high speeds regardless of weather conditions.

The circumferential grooves, in addition to the sweeping tread grooves, significantly improves the overall grip on the wet pavements. This reduces the risks of hydroplaning by a lot as the zig-zag pattern instantaneously expels water from the grooves and allows the tires to have a firm grip even on snow and slush-covered roads.

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Amazing Snow Traction

Not many all-season tire models are known for their treading potential on snow and frigid winter conditions.

The Goodyear WeatherReady is one of the very few series out there that allows drivers to have a perfectly balanced handling of their cars all throughout the year.

The new and improved groove technology of the set allows the tread to close together tightly and have a fantastic grip on snow beds and sludge covered roads. The open mouth of the grooves, on the other hand, provides additional biting edges that enhance vehicle handling on all types of pavements.

Versatile Sizes and Assurances

Every Goodyear WeatherReady tire model has a three-peak mountain snowflake emblem, which is a seal of assurance and trust. The emblem designates that the tire meets the “severe snow service requirements,” so you know that you will be getting a well-tested product when you go for this model.

Additionally, the Goodyear WeatherReady comes in a lot of sizes as well. The range extends from 15 to 20-inches, so regardless of whether you’re driving a passenger car, an SUV or even a light truck, you will be able to find the perfect size that can fit your car.

And as each model and size comes with a 700 AA UTOQ rating, you can rest assured that the tire set you’re getting will be thoroughly checked for quality and performance.

Goodyear allows third parties to quality check each of their models, and these may include companies that have a lot of experience with tire performance tests.

What could have been better?

Though the initial stages of the testing didn’t show many faults with the tire, there was one thing that I found to be a bit concerning over time.

The durability of the WeatherReady is not all that great. Sure, as it wears, the edge teeth come out and improve traction, but the tires wear out way too fast.

This is primarily the reason why I will not recommend it for off-road treading.


  • It provides excellent traction all throughout the year
  • Amazing trad compound technology that improves snow roads and sludge treading
  • It offers better handling and traction on all forms of terrain
  • It comes with a lot of quality checks and sizes


  • Not a great pick for off-road treading
  • Wears out much sooner than other models of its class

Final Thoughts

The Goodyear WeatherReady has been one of my most recommended tire sets for customers who have been looking for an affordable yet high-quality tire solution for their vehicles.

These tires come with an amazing all-season performance and are made to go through a variety of quality checks before being released into the market. Goodyear puts the needs of the customer before everything else.

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