Kenda Klever RT KR601 Review Jul 2024

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Roads are unforgiving, and no matter how much care you put into driving, they can be merciless on your tires.

However, with the Kenda Klever R/T, there’s nothing to worry about. This monster of a tire can handle any terrain with equal ease. Designed to conquer both on-road and off-road driving, the Klever R/T is one of those rare tire models that come along once in a while.

Today, we are going to acquaint you with a tire that combines the tough and rugged look of mud terrain tires with the comfort and safety of AT tires. Built for the driver who likes to challenge the road, the Klever R/T is sure to catch your fancy.

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Kenda RT Review Jul 2024: Why Buy This Product?

kenda rt tires reviewAs its name suggests, the Klever R/T is a new entrant in the rough terrain tire segment. While this part of the tire market is still not very crowded, we hope to see more contenders in this segment soon.

With the demand for larger tires with rough-yet-comfortable tread patterns on the rise, we expect the Kenda brand to do well. The tires are suitable for light trucks and SUVs and fit in the category between MT and AT tires. The following are some of the many reasons we liked this product.

Rough And Tough Tread Pattern

The first thing that caught our eye about the Klever R/T is the rugged tread pattern that is exceptionally tough and has ample spaces to divert rock and mud. We’ve tested the product over pavements and curbs, and we must say the grip holds exceptionally well.

In fact, over the curbs, there is almost no slippage. What’s more, the soft rubber compound allows for a smoother, more responsive ride.

Resilient Sidewalls

The Klever R/T comes with Kenda’s latest T3 Triple Threat Sidewall design, which uses a cut and chip resistant tread compound and promises to hold its own in all weathers. This new sidewall allows the tires to tackle tough terrain and doesn’t give up on comfort at the same time.

Fit For Harsh Terrains

We tested the Kenda Klever on multiple terrains and we must admit that we were surprised by its rather resilient performance. Whether tackling desert roads or working it’s way up the hill, the Klever R/T delivers on every drive. It’s also suitable for snowy terrain and performs well even after significant wear and tear.

Low Noise Level

One of the best features of the Klever R/T is the low noise level; for such an aggressive looking tire, this product is surprisingly quiet. This is an excellent feature for drivers who require off-roading capabilities but also travel on the highway or paved roads for long distances. With a badass look and quietly comfortable build, this is one of the good tires.

Rigorously Tested

Kenda’s products are known for rigorous testing, and Klever R/T is no exception. After development, the tires are put through a stringent testing regime in a variety of environments and terrains. This has helped the Klever R/T to become such a balanced all-rounder.

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Fluid Handling

We found the Kenda Klever R/T to be one of the most fluid tires when it comes to handling, and it provides the optimum driving safety. The tires allow the driver to take corners at high speeds and improves the stability of the vehicle. With impressive handling on both dry as well as wet surfaces, the Klever R/T is clever indeed!

Fuel Saving Capability

Fuel costs are one of the major worries of any vehicle owner, and we are always looking for ways to economize on fuel. The Klever R/T is specifically designed to save fuel during drives, and hence help vehicle owners save some cash in the process. With specialized treads that decrease rolling friction and reduce carbon emissions, the Klever R/T has the dual benefit of saving money as well as the environment.


Offering top quality at affordable prices, the Klever R/T is a driver’s paradise. Kenda is known for providing stellar products at very competitive prices, and Klever R/T is no exception.

Additional Features

Apart from the above, Kenda Klever R/T promises a plethora of other benefits. The 3-full carcass polyester plies ensure adequate protection from damages and punctures, while the rugged bead protector guards the bead area and rim against damage due to on-road obstacles.

What Could’ve Been Better

Kenda is an established brand, and they seem to have outdone themselves with the Klever R/T model. The only thing that we felt was lacking in this product is the variety of sizing options.

Currently, the tire is available for rims in the range of 29 to 35 inches with no option for 15 and 16-inch rims. We would have liked to see options for other rim sizes, and we hope Kenda delivers accordingly in the near future.


  • Robust tread patterns
  • Performs well in any terrain
  • Low on the noise quotient
  • Safe and affordable


  • Not available for all rim sizes


Rugged, robust, and extremely suitable for all terrains, the Kenda Klever R/T certainly scores high marks in our opinion. With a range of exciting features and an affordable price tag, this is one product car owners shouldn’t give a pass.

While it really would have been great if the model was available for small tire rims, we hope that the company will listen to its customers and come up with better size variations.

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