General Tire AltiMAX RT43 Review Jul 2024

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When it comes to a vehicle’s treadwear, not many tire manufacturers are able to provide a model that can give an all-round performance under a variety of conditions.

May it be under excessive rain, snow or dry weather, a tire’s capabilities are measured by how quickly it can adapt to the different elements and provide the driver with the best in user experience.

However, here is one company that puts the needs of the customer before anything else.

Their unique range of tires are known for their grip, stability and driving comfort, and has of late become the go-to tire brand for both professionals and domestic car owners alike.

The AltiMAX RT43 is one of their more popular models, and have recently been taking over the vehicle market by storm.

And today I would like to take you through a review on one of the best tire series that the automobile industry has to offer.

I will be going over some of the AltiMAX RT43’s more appealing features, and help you decide if this can be your next tire purchase.

So, sit back and read along.

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AltiMAX RT43 Review Jul 2024: A Brief Overview

general altimax rt43 review snowFor some time now, General has been growing in popularity as a tire manufacturing brand that produces standard touring all-season models which boast both quality and reliability. Each of their designs is extremely durable and a very safe option for cars, SUVs and pickup-trucks alike.

The AltiMAX RT43 is one of the latest additions to their line up. It’s an upgraded version of the previous AltiMAX RT, and it specifically improves on the tire’s performance under various extreme weather conditions.

Apart from the enhanced all-season traction, the handling is also made much more comfortable, along with improving the car’s maneuverability and tread life.

The Specs

The AltiMAX RT43 comes with a “twin cushion silica tread compound” that significantly improves traction on all types of terrain. When coupled with a symmetric tread pattern, this compound not only increases the tire grip in the dry and wet seasons but also enhances ride comfort.

However, the most attractive feature of this model for me is the fantastic wet performance. Due to the four circumferential grooves and the additional sipes around the tread, the tires are able to have a comfortable grip on both wet and light snow-covered road surfaces.

Additionally, the center ribs are continuous and will help grant a lot of stability to your car. Along with the acoustic modulation sound technology, it will significantly lower road noise for better ride quality.

Much of the tire’s durability comes from the two steel belts which have a polyester cord body; it boosts the tread life exponentially, and General helps the cause further by offering a 75,000 miles warranty on every purchase.

Another really convenient feature of the AltiMAX RT43 is the Replacement Tire Monitor. It’s a lot like a stamp which acts as an indicator and will prompt a “tire replacement” sign based on the amount of treadwear.

My Thoughts on the General AltiMAX RT43

I have been using and recommending the AltiMAX RT43 to my customers for some time now. I have always talked to them about the positives of this model in terms of its various performances under different conditions, and I’ll be doing the same in my review as well:

Dry Performance

Most of my customers use their tires under arid conditions, so they prefer going more for those treads which work really well under dry conditions while still being able to boast a considerable amount of performance in bad and moist weather.

In my opinion, even though AltiMAX RT43 is an all-season tire, it is one of the best when it comes to performing under dry weather. It has a “smart contoured” design which is quite sensitive to bumps and blemishes on the road and helps to maintain a clean contact with the surface of the road so as to prevent over-wear.

The Visual Alignment indicators present on the wheel are small clusters of sipes which can be checked periodically to see if the wear on the tire is even. Uneven wearing will signify that the tires are misaligned and need to be re-balanced.

Wet Performance

As I had mentioned before, the AltiMAX RT43 tire shines the brightest when it comes to wet performance.

General has designed the sipes of the tire to have a “peaked shape”. This is quite a unique feature for any tire to have, as it allows the AltiMAX RT43 to face no problems when it hydroplanes during monsoon.

Additionally, this will also increase the “biting” edges of the tires and improve traction on roads which are slippery and have higher chances of skidding.

But I will not recommend that you test the AltiMAX RT43 to its limit in less than optimal conditions. If the area you live in sees a lot of rainfall, then I suggest you slow down and choose to drive slow.

Snow & Ice

Most of the all-season tires that you see in the market today are not exclusively designed for driving in the snow or even under icy conditions. However, the AltiMAX RT43 is one such model that holds its own when it comes to treading tracks with light snow on them.

The four circumferential grooves make the tire absolutely amazing in light snow conditions, but its performance is a bit iffy if the roads are exceedingly icy.

If the tracks where you live ice up very frequently, then I recommend that you go for those tires which are made explicitly for snowy and icy roads.

And apart from icy tracks, the AltiMAX RT43 is also a no go if there is a ton of snowfall. However, this tire will comfortably see you through light winters with light snow, slushes, and icy patches, and even through changing seasons.

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Driving Comfort and Road Noise

Proper sound suppressed tires can be a must-have if you live in a neighborhood which is very sensitive to noise. And General has designed the AltiMAX RT43 with the latest noise cancellation technology that significantly minimizes the road noise, thereby improving the overall driving experience.

The “twin cushion silica tread compound” makes the drive quite comfortable as well. It mixes the tread to have alternating high and low-density areas, so as to soften the impact from the road and also removes a lot of the excess strain from the traction and grip.

It also soaks up much of the impact vibrations and allows the driver to have a smooth riding experience.

Tire Durability & Treadwear

The AltiMAX RT43 tire will last you for a very long period of time. The poly cord steel belts along with the “Low Surface Abrasion” technology reduces treadwear and significantly improves tire lifespan without impacting the traction too much.

You might find the sidewall to be a little stiff, but that’s a good thing in my opinion, as this will not make the tire easily slice on curbs or on other similar situations.

For natural tread life, General offers a limited 75,000 miles warranty for the T-rated variety of the AltiMAX RT43 tire. For the H-rated tires or unnatural tread life, on the other hand, General offers a 65,000 miles warranty which goes to show the amount of confidence that this manufacturer has behind the product.

Automobile Compatibility

The AltiMAX RT43 is available in 84 different sizes, so finding the right set and size for your vehicle will not be that much of an issue.

Additionally, in terms of rim diameter, the tires also range from 13 inches for small cars to 19 inches for the heavy duty trucks. They’re even available in T and H speed ratings, and as there are too many sizes to consider, I suggest that you carefully go through the owner’s manual of the car to know which dimensions will best suit your vehicle.

So, keep pieces of information such as your car’s year, make, model and even trim handy when you go for a tire buy.

Some Final Thoughts

All in all, the AltiMAX RT43 is just an amazing tire for most cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks. And with so many sizes available in their stock, I am confident that you’ll be able to find the one that suits your car.

With an all-round satisfying performance in dry, rain and light snow conditions, these tires are indeed hard to beat, and this is what makes them so very popular today. And along with the fantastic noise and vibration technology, the AltiMAX RT43 will be able to provide you with a very smooth and quiet ride.

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