Firestone Firehawk All Season Review May 2024

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Running an auto repair shop is never easy, especially when you live in an urban jungle.

There are a lot of decisions you will have to make for your customers, and picking the right tire for their vehicle is indeed one of the many.

Not many repairmen spare much thought for a car’s tires, which to me, on the opposite end, is one of the most important aspects to auto repair.

Not only will the right tire be able to keep you safe, but with the right treading capability, it can help you traverse different surfaces as well.

And in my opinion, the more versatile the tire range, the better. The Firehawk AS Radial tires from Firestone are perhaps one of the most versatile tire models that I have had the privilege of using.

From dry performance to treading over snow and monsoon drenched roads, these tires are capable of achieving a lot more than your market standard.

So, allow me to tell you a bit more about them.

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Firehawk AS Review May 2024: Why should you choose this tire?

firestone firehawk as review

This latest Firehawk AS high-performance tire series is more of an improvement on a previous Firestone model than a completely original design, to be honest.

The older Firehawk Wide Oval AS had a lot of performance issues that the Radial tries to rectify along with improving upon a variety of aspects such as tread grip and wet performance.

Built specifically for drivers of sport coupes and sedans, the Firehawk AS Radial provides treading capabilities that not many models of its class can provide.

The Design

As the Radial AS is an all-season tire series, these tires are made out of a tread compound which contains silica and long link carbon.

The tread pattern is specifically asymmetrical and helps to provide enhanced traction on dry, wet as well as snow road surfaces.

Additionally, another aspect of the tire design which I really appreciate is the full-depth sipes and grooves. Not many all-season models will opt into this kind of a pattern trend, and by adding this to their models, Firestone ensures that the Radial tires allow for better on-road performance as it slowly starts to wear down.

Now, when it comes to going over wet surfaces, the Firehawk AS Radial does incredibly well in that regard as well.

The uniquely placed tread channels enhance the grip on wet pavements and significantly reduces the risk of hydroplaning. This will ensure that your car doesn’t slip and slide on slushy or slippery surfaces, no matter how heavy a downpour your area faces.

Better Snow Performance and Noise Cancellation

An area in which many all-season models get criticized is when it comes to treading over snow and ice surfaces as well as noiseless treading capabilities.

The Firehawk doesn’t emit as much road noise as some of its other competitors. The sound during lower speeds is almost negligible, but as you start to accelerate, you will hear a low hum on dry roads due to the rougher surface and higher grip.

Hence, it’s pretty neighborhood friendly, and when it comes to light winter climates, it exceeds expectations there as well.

The Radial AS provides a much better snow road performance than the previous oval series. The Radial has added channels and biting edges which enhances the overall grip, acceleration, and braking potential on thick snowy roads.

The Radial AS has almost 20 percent more biting edges than the original Wide Oval which allows for such enhanced traction on snowy roads.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the Radial AS is an all-season series and is not a dedicated winter-tread set. So, we will not recommend that you opt for them if the region you live in faces thick blankets of snow during the cold months.

However, for light to mid-level snow and winter, the Radial AS is just perfect.

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Treadlife and Durability

Now, tire durability and tread life may not be such an important aspect to many a car enthusiasts, but to me, it’s incredibly important and is also something that can make or break a tire series in my opinion.

The Firehawk Radial AS is very long lasting in this regard. They contain two high-tensile steel belts which are wrapped spirally with nylon to enhance the overall strength and durability.

Higher speed durability is also something that the series covers. They have a wide range of 15-20 inches sized tires to choose from with an H or V-speed rating depending on the size, and each tire comes backed with a 50,000 tread mile warranty which is a much welcome bonus in my eyes.

What about the Firestone Firehawk AS Radial could have been better?

Well, when it comes to the disadvantages of this particular tire series, the low hum at higher speeds and the average off-road treading is what primarily comes to mind.

Going over extremely rocky and muddy patches is something that these tires don’t cope with all that well. So, if you’re planning long hiking and camping trips deep within off-road territories, then this tire set may not be such a wise investment.

They will get stuck more often than not, and there might be a lot of adverse effects on the overall tread life.


  • Has great dry road traction as well as cornering speed
  • The wet performance is significantly improved from the previous Oval model
  • Higher durability and tread life makes it a rather popular tire choice
  • Enhanced acceleration and grip on light to medium snow patches


  • Low humming noise at higher speeds
  • Off-road capabilities are surprisingly average


Overall, the Firehawk Radial AS is a tire series that boasts a solid performance on all fronts. It is by far the better model in the high-performance AS category from Firestone and has been growing to be an incredibly popular tire set among amateurs and enthusiasts alike.

Although the original Wide Oval AS tires were quite good in their own regards, there were several key issues that a lot of drivers faced in which the Firehawk AS not only fixed but also improved upon.

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