Federal Tires SS595 Review Jul 2024

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Ask yourself, is a pair of low-quality tires worth the safety of you and your family?

If you’re reading this, you’re already aware of how installing a pair of all-season tires can make it safer for you to drive in the worst weather conditions. So, why not set the bar a little higher for these products?

What if we told you that we’d found a budget-friendly durable AS tire that you can use for both drifting and driving, regardless of the climate?

We’ve recently come across the Federal SS595 unit, one of the best all-season tires in the market right now. Yes, it’s not perfect, but the vast array of features it provides at such a reasonable price is almost unreal.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?

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Federal 595 Review Jul 2024: Why Buy This Product?

federal 595 rsr reviewFederal Tires has never failed to amaze us with its groundbreaking innovations, but the SS595 product range has set the bar higher for performance and durability. On that note, we’ve tested this product for quite some time now, and it has excelled at every essential criteria a high-performance tire must fulfill.

With that being said, let’s look at the details of its key features!

Treadwear Pattern

The first thing that we fell in love with was its out-of-the-box V design, which gives this tire a sporty look. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a Civic or a Porsche, installing this tire is guaranteed to give your car a sharp appearance. But it doesn’t stop there, as apart from its visual features, the V-shaped tread pattern helps in making the tires more resistant to hydroplaning.

If it rains quite frequently where you live, you’ll understand how dangerous hydroplaning can be, and it’s always essential to go for tires that come with a better grip. Furthermore, the biting edges also make it more comfortable to drift on any surface, which is good news for the adrenaline junkies.

Tire Compound

Before the SS595, we had tested its sister product, the 595RS unit. We must say that the SS595 is built with a tougher compound. The manufacturers are offering quite a sturdy and durable compound at a reasonable price tag, which seems to be a win-win situation for the bargain hunters!

The secret behind the excellent grip of this drifting tire is the improved rubber and silica material included in the compound, which enhances its efficiency significantly. Furthermore, the steel belts of this product also come wounded with high-quality nylon fabrics that set the standards higher in terms of durability.

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Off-Road Performance and Traction

Although Federal SS595 is not the best tire for off-roading, it isn’t disappointing either. Nonetheless, it’s definitely twice as stable as the 595RS on uneven terrains. Furthermore, we have found that the tires provide adequate wet traction, and the credits go to its diagonally-shaped small sipes.

Also, we found out that this product offers the best traction on dry surfaces, which makes it quite suitable for drifting and regular use. As per our experts, the tires provide an average of 75% dry traction and 50% wet traction performance, which is pretty self-explanatory in this case.

Other Noteworthy Features

Ride comfort and handling is a cakewalk with the Federal SS595, for which it gets a thumbs up. Compared to its vital competing products in the market, this tire makes cornering a lot more comfortable as well. Also, this product comes with a limited warranty period (varying with models), safeguarding you from suffering any losses right away after purchase.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Honestly, there are a couple of minor downsides to this tire model that we must talk about.  Starting with the most common tire problem, this product is quite loud. So, it may be a little uncomfortable for you to drive the vehicle at a constant speed for a long time. Furthermore, we hope that the manufacturers enhance the snow traction capabilities of this tire.


  • Improved tire compound
  • Excellent hydroplaning resistance
  • Value-for-money product
  • Suitable for drifting


  • Noisy tire
  • Disappointing snow traction


If you’re into extreme sports such as drifting, you’ll need tires that come equipped with high-quality treadwear. Otherwise, you may end up on a new Destroyed in Seconds episode!

On that note, we hope that you’ve enjoyed our unbiased Federal SS595 review, and hopefully found your dream tire.

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