BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT Reviews May 2024

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“What is the best pair of tires for year-round traveling?”

Not the car with the best engine or the highest speed, but this is the query that most people have, travelers and non-travelers alike. Unless you live in California, of course!

Being a whimsical traveler who gets bored easily, I usually hit the road depending on my intuition. Thus, nature isn’t my ally, and my only friend is the tires I choose during those long road trips.

For year-round traveling, I have to go for tires that offer all-season support. Changing tires every season is a hassle no one needs in their lives. This is why, today, I have brought you a one-time solution to this conundrum.

After sifting through too many brands, studying all their distinct features, and considering price ranges, it is only normal to get confused. Talking from my 20 years of driving experience, I claim that the BFGoodrich 114H All-Season Tire is your best choice.

I have been on the lookout for the perfect all-season tire for long and only got to know about it last year. After a year of testing, I have found this is to be the best tire for year-round driving.

So, let’s see why that is.

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BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Review May 2024: Why buy this product?

bfgoodrich advantage sport lt reviewsI swear by the Goodrich T/A Sport because of one life-saving incident that I had last December. Don’t worry, it isn’t my life I am talking about. It was snowing heavily, and I was just coming back from the department store when a stray dog came right in front of my car out of nowhere.

I pushed the brakes with all my might and bingo! After a sharp screeching sound, I saw the wagging tail of the dog as it disappeared into the darkness. The response time of the tires amazed me as I was thinking about the incident later that night. It didn’t skid at all, considering the heavy snow and the wet road.

Now that you have a bit of an idea about the product, let’s move on to its top-notch features.

Exceptional Traction

Well, it isn’t the ordinary traction we are talking about here. Traction might be a compulsory quality of all-season tires, but with Goodrich tires, it is different. These tires have a symmetric tread pattern, a locking 3D active siping technology, and a silica-infused tread compound.

This combination increases traction and gives the tires an outstanding grip on wet roads and during heavy snowing. Moreover, this model comprises the 3-peak snowflake emblem signifying it matches the severe snow service specifications of the industry.

I have no issue trusting my car with the most amateur of hands, for I know my tires will manage everything!

Aqua-Flume Technology & ETEC System

I didn’t know this back then, but what saved that poor dog’s life that day was the Aqua-Flume Technology that the tire comes with. This is a system that prevents hydroplaning (sliding of your car) by spreading the excess water via the unique cross grooves.

Furthermore, the ETEC (Equal Tension Containment) System technology and the symmetrical design adds to the cornering stability of the tires and thus increases their overall handling performance. Coupled with a constant center rib, the tire ensures a wholesome and smooth ride.

Longer life and more mileage

The tire footprint is optimized to manage tread wear for longer life and a quieter ride. With the introduction of self-locking 3D sipes, the tread blocks on the tire knit tightly together during driving, thereby giving superior handling capabilities, smooth turnings, and also swiftly evading all obstacles.

I was quite impressed by the Advanced LT system that makes the tires wear uniformly. Finally, the Full Depth Tread allows for consistent performance throughout the lifetime of the tire, while preserving its look at the same time.

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Increased stability, durability and better handling

bfg advantage ta sport reviewAll the features mentioned above cater to smooth driving across the year, but the final deal is sealed by the g-Wedge sidewall stabilizer. This induces better handling of the car while giving a comfortable ride despite severe road conditions.

The nylon-inforced steel belts add to the durability of the product, and the Continuous Center Rib gives excellent stability to the steering response.

The last two features showcase their importance during the monsoons when the roads are always moist and slippery.

Performance on Snow and Wet Conditions

If I had to check the usefulness of an all-season tire, I would definitely wait for the winters, as winters in the US are not just snowy, but wet as well. And this puts the tires to the ultimate test. Does the Goodrich T/A Sport stand up to the company’s claims?

I drove from California to Arizona in mid-March and I faced little trouble as the time of the year was pleasant. My last road trip from my hometown to Alaska was a daring 226-mile drive that I undertook this November. I’d share my experiences another time, but I got to tell you: these tires are one of the best out there.

I had little to complain about its stability and handling capacities. The car never skidded despite incessant snowfall during the entire period. It was a 5-day trip, out and back and the Aqua Flume Technology really worked wonders it seems.

What could have been better?

It’s been a year since I started using this tire after that December mishap. Since then, I haven’t had a single chance to complain as I tested the product through all four seasons. Every time it exceeded my expectations with superior control, durability, and excellent traction.

The only factor that can be off-putting for some is the price. BFGoodrich tires have been pricey since forever, but again, the 60K mile tread warranty will cover for it.


  • Excellent grip in every season
  • Specialized grip for cornering
  • Hydroplaning resistance
  • Aqua-Flume Technology
  • ETEC system for better handling performance


  • Price


So, after getting into the nitty-gritty of the BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT Tires, now is the time to give my final opinion. The last thing I’d like to tell you about the tire is, it actually survives the extra 20,000 miles that the company claims.

If you ask me to end this piece with a 4-word note, I would say: “Go for the tires!” If you are looking for a tire that is most importantly safe and stable irrespective of seasons, this is your best choice.

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