What are the best tires for winter? Here are recommendations from 19 tire experts

Investing in winter tires can help you reduce the risk of accidents as you drive in the snow. They also give you the confidence you need while you drive on slippery roads. Each tire is, however, different, and understanding this can help you choose the right tires for winters. Here are some of the tires that come highly recommended by some of the industry experts.

AutoSpies: Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

This is a famous brand of tires in the market that is known to be quite useful. You can use this tire on compact cars, minivans, sedans, and coupes. If you drive an SUV, you can even find specific models for your vehicle. Many drivers pick these tires during winter due to their excellent features. They have lateral and circumferential grooves that are meant to direct snow and slush away from your car. It also includes 3D-zigzag sipes that provide the tires with some additional biting edges. Though you may have to pay more for these tires, you will enjoy the excellent traction they deliver in the snow.

AutoExtremist: Michelin X-ice Xi3

If you drive a family van or sedan, you can choose these tires during winter. They come with a low rolling resistance mechanism which reduces the amount of fuel your vehicle uses. The tread makes use of a silica-based compound and has useful features such as the independent shoulder.

The intermediate tread blocks of these tires for winter have cross Z sipes and micro-pumps, which enhance traction while driving in wet conditions. When buying tires, some drivers are more concerned about speed performance. You can still enjoy this by choosing this model since its internal structure includes a spirally wound nylon and steel belts.

TheCarExpert: Pirelli Winter Sottozero

As you drive on wet surfaces, you need the best tires that consist of high-density sipes. This model includes such features to boost braking distances. The special winter compound of these tires is arranged in a particular pattern and has a bigger contact patch. You will also like rounded shoulders and center blocks designed to evacuate slush and water.

Though you may not get the highest snow performance with these tires, they work well on cold surfaces. You can either get this model in the standard style or choose the run-flat style. Some customers are, however, not happy with the low tread life of these tires for winter.

TheMechanicDoctor: Firestone Winterforce 2

Firestone is one of the manufacturers known for creating studded tires with extra capability. Purchasing these tires helps you enjoy materials warranty, thus increasing value to your vehicle’s rubber. This specific model comes with wide lateral notches and deep grooves. The tires make use of polyester casing and steel belts that enhance their strength and performance.

You can, therefore, enjoy the ride quality of these tires. Firestone Winterforce tires for winter are quite versatile and come in a wide range of sizes. Drivers also like the decent warranty that accompanies this model. If you are working with a precise budget, then you will find these tires affordable.

Automoblog: Goodyear Ultra-Grip Ice

The reason why tires from Goodyear’s Ultra Grip are quite famous is that they offer different sizes for various types of vehicles. They are equipped with all the right features, such as two different types of sipes meant to offer extra biting edges. The 3D styled sipe locks together so that it can enhance grip and stability on wet surfaces. The manufacturer also includes a 2D style sipe, which increases braking distance.

You get both materials and uniformity warranty from purchasing these tires. The problem with driving under snow is that your vehicle may get stuck along the way. Save yourself from such situations by choosing this model.

FlatSixes: Yokohama Ice Guard Ig52c

Handle different cold weather situations like a pro by choosing this capable model. It is an eco-friendly tire equipped with unique materials for such circumstances. Yokohama also includes a high-density tread mechanism and triple-action. This model has locking sipes designed to boost cornering stability.

That is why most people report high performance of the tires on snow-covered roads. Therefore, it eliminates the worry of getting stranded in such conditions. You will also appreciate the full range of services provided for this model. Do not expect to get a bigger tire above 19 inches. This means that if you drive an SUV, you should look elsewhere.

DailyCarBlog: Winter Maxx WM01

If you are driving in winter for the first time, the experience does not have to be intimidating. You need the best set of tires that can give you a high performance on the road. That is what you get from choosing Winter Maxx tires. They feature an aggressive tread pattern, which makes them ideal for ice, snow, and slush.

The model also comes in an asymmetric block design and uniquely shaped sipes to give the surface traction and boost treadwear. The wheel sizes range between 14-18 inches. Most customers, however, reveal that these tires provide an average performance in dry conditions.

CarCare: Continental Wintercontact SI

As you drive through the cold weather, the special compound of these tires will boost flexibility. Therefore, they ensure that you maintain a secure grip and traction in such harsh conditions. The tires feature zigzag sipes that help while driving on wet surfaces and unique groove ridges to enhance braking as you approach roads covered in snow.

Though these tires are not cheap, they have numerous benefits that make them worth considering. The tires come with a lot of warranty coverages to save you on some future costs. You also get a 60-day trial to test the performance of these tires.

AutoMobilesReview: Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3

For decades now, Nokian has been an industry leader when it comes to producing high-quality winter tires. One of the reasons why many drivers trust this brand is because it continues delivering capable tires for different conditions, including the winter.

This specific model makes use of an aggressive tread pattern as well as a silica compound to enhance grip as you drive through deep ice and snow. It is a non-studded tire that offers a great balance between comfort and safety. The tire can adapt to different weather variations while keeping you in complete control of your driving. Buying this tire also prevents you from spending too much money on fuel.

BenzInsider: Yokohama Blue Earth Winter

Enjoy the superior quality of Yokohama winter tires. The manufacturer offers reasonable pricing for this model and gives you value for your cash. The tires feature 3D sipes that provide maximum grip on the road. This ensures that you get excellent traction and remain in control no matter how bad the road is.

The tires also feature a polyester casing that can balance your car even in extreme conditions. Most customers are also pleased with the durable construction of the tires. They come with a unique tread design and have an oil-infused compound. These tires are determined to boost your safety as you drive in winter.

AutomotiveAddicts: Michelin LTX

Most amateur drivers fear driving during winter due to the state of the roads. This should not hold you back anymore since there are good tires designed for such purposes. Michelin LTX is one of them. It can help you cruise along frozen roads without any problems, thanks to the inclusion of an excellent slush-shooting treadline.

They are ideal tires for large SUVs and trucks since they have a high load capacity. Michele LTX winter tires also feature open shoulder slots to redirect standing water away from the vehicle. The wide contact point makes it easy for you to make sharp or wide turns.

Zero2Turbo: Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

If you are searching for the latest model of winter tires, you should consider choosing Blizzak WS90. The manufacturer of these tires equips them with advanced features to enhance the safety of vehicles during winter. Therefore, it features an updated tread design and a better treadlife.

The manufacturer makes use of multicell technology in the construction of these tires. It contains numerous microscopic pores that attract and wick water away from the ground to provide an enhanced grip in severe conditions. You can also choose the tires from a variety of sizes available. This model is ideal for different types of vehicles, including minivans and sedans.

TheSuperCarBlog: Discoverer True North

Choosing these winter tires enables you to enjoy stability on cold pavements. These remain soft to help you drive smoothly. The use of a silica compound is what gives the tires flexibility as you drive on snow. It also contains different sipes in the rubber, which compress and open to enhance traction. The sipes come in the form of zigzag grooves that offer a biting edge on the ice. With these winter tires, you can enjoy excellent handling characteristics and a great grip. They are also comfortable and quiet when driving on dry pavement. The manufacturer also provides different sizes of tires for specific vehicles.

AutosPayBack: Continental Viking Contact 7

Though this model has not been in the industry for long, it is already capturing drivers’ attention. This comes with a rubber compound that contains canola oil which allows the winter tires to remain flexible even in extreme cold.

Its tread pattern also contains a lot of biting edges as well as sipes that give you maximum traction on snow. The tread grooves eliminate any slush and water on the road while at the same time offering a strong grip on roads covered with ice. With these winter tires, you can quickly brake even in the most severe weather conditions.

Motorward: Michelin Latitude Xi2

Are you looking for truck tires to use during winter? You should not overlook this model. Its tread has a silica compound, which makes the tires more flexible on different surfaces. The flex ice compound gets stiff when the temperatures are high to boost traction. They can also help you save on some expenses such as fuel. Most customers also like the impressive warranty that they get for these winter tires.

It also features micro-pumps and uses advanced technology that enhances stability in winter conditions. Since these winter tires are designed to give you service for longer, you don’t have to worry about experiencing punctures quickly.

CarPrices: Michelin Pilot Alpha 5

The manufacturer of Michelin models tries to meet the needs of different vehicles. SUV drivers are getting fond of this specific model since it performs as expected in winter conditions. You don’t even have to change your speed due to the change in weather conditions. The tires are designed to help you drive as usual despite the extreme temperatures.

When driving on slippery roads, safety is a great concern. This model can help you with this since it improves the braking performance of your vehicle on different surfaces. It makes use of a directional tread pattern that features a center groove to reduce hydroplaning.

DriveO: Pirelli Scorpion Winter

Even though these winter tires do not feature studs, they always have your back regardless of how bad the roads are. Pirelli Scorpion winter tires are designed for cold weather use. The main objective of these tires is to give you excellent performance on the road. They achieve this through the incorporation of polymer blend and silica in the making.

These features provide the tires with an enhanced grip on snow and ice. It enhances handling and braking so that you remain in control of your driving at all times. Most people also like the fact that these tires produce minimal noise even on dry surfaces.

TopSpeed: Pirelli Winter Cinturato

Purchase these durable tires today and enjoy their superior performance. They are unique winter tires that feature a wide footprint. These tires also make use of the custom tread pattern which enhances contact with ice and snow. Therefore, you get an enhanced grip while making wide and tight turns.

It also delivers high-speed performance even on roads covered with snow. This model can quickly push any slush away, which tends to get stuck between your car’s wheel and the road surface. They also mimic directional patterns and give you the stability you need as you drive on such roads. You will like the sturdy construction of these tires.

CorvetteBlogger: Blizzak DM-V2

Your sport utility vehicle needs the best tires during winter. Blizzak is known to be a pioneer in the manufacturing of winter tires. They produce highly performing tires, and this model is no exception. The manufacturer designs it with a focus on braking and ice traction. These tires are made to handle wet road conditions while minimizing hydroplaning at the same time.

It makes use of a multicell compound that maintains its flexibility even in freezing conditions. The model provides extra grip. You can also drive your vehicle on slippery surfaces without worrying about losing balance. Purchasing these tires guarantees you a five-year warranty.

CarRC: Gislaved Nordfrost 200

The Swedish brand may not be trendy in the industry, but it has great features that make it quite valuable. These are studdable tires that come in the asymmetrical tread pattern. The inner part is V-shaped to enhance the flow of water as you drive on wet grounds.

It combines saw-toothed sipes with 3D steeped sipes to deliver a great grip on slicked surfaces. You can choose these tires for a minivan or SUV. The manufacturer provides them in different diameters ranging between 14 and 19 inches. The manufacturer of this model is also keen on fulfilling the industry standards.