Icona Vulcano in Kensington

Something very exceptional:  London Morgan will host Icona Volcano in the charming borough of Kensington. Up to the end of October it will be allowed to see on site the first car made by titanium. Feel free to contact Mr. Barrel to have a look to the amazing supercar. London

World Exclusive: Automobilemag first Drive of 220-mph Icona Vulcano

An exclusive drive of ICONA first solo project, the $2.8-million Icona Vulcano.

September 2016: Salon Privè!

Starting from September the 1st to the 3rd  VULCANO TITANIUM will be present at Salon Privè 2016.

Torino 2016



08-12 June 2016 CECOMP shows voluptuous  Vulcano Titanium in Parco Valentino – Salone & Gran Premio. See you there!

Here is VULCANO in all his glory on M6 Turbo !

Eko Vulcano

Top Marque Monaco 2016, Vulcano Titanium is accompanied by Eko Vulcano, an Eko guitar customized especially for the show by Icaon’s engineers in collaboration with Massimo Varini and Eko Guitars.

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